Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Can I ask You Something?

This must be the new sales pitch for those hyper-caffeinated people standing around the kiosks you see at the mall. We were nearly stopped four times by people coming up and asking, "Can I ask you something?" At first, I didn't know what to say, so I ignored them. But as we continued walking, I realized that it was a common pitch among many kiosks. So, every time after that, I simply said "No" and kept walking.

Ugh, these people really get on my nerves. The stupid part is that I'll walk one direction through the mall, and they'll try to get my to try some weird perfume or show me some isotoner slippers or something like that. Then, on my way back, they try to show me the same crap again! They are really aggressive about it too. They have even taken to getting personal about it. Or maybe that is part of it. Get really annoyed that I turned you down, and then guilt me into purchasing your garbage.

However, I think I'll stop and talk to guys standing outside of Home Depot and Lowes because they might just give me a new yard or a kitchen renovation for free!


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  1. I actually had this happen to me in the Mall of America, in Minneapolis. Since I had nothing better to do on that trip, I let this really annoying girl keep going with her sales pitch for nearly 30 minutes. I acted interested and I paid close attention. Then all of a sudden, I just started to walk away as I said, "I hope I didn't waste any of your time". She got visibly ticked off and actually started to yell as I kept walking. I turned around and came back. I walked up to her and simply said, "I tried to tell you no but you had to insist on showing me. Now you know, your time is valuable and my time is valuable to me. If someone tells you no, accept it."