Saturday, October 17, 2009

Why I Carry

The title is not original. There are mass emails and internet talking points all over the place with the title "Why I Carry" as the hook. However, the point is still the same. This is why I carry:

I carry because I love life. I carry because I know that there are real threats in the world today. I know that in order to deal with the lowest parts of society, you need a weapon - not a Utopian idea. I don't carry because I am afraid. If I was afraid, I'd probably never leave the house. I carry because being armed is like having fire insurance. You take every precaution to be safe, but hope you will never need to use it. However, in the off chance that you need that insurance, your preparation pays off - in this case, with your life and possibly the lives of others saved.

I carry because it is my duty to do so. The 2nd Amendment of the Constitution guarantees the right of the people to bear arms, but it also includes the responsibility arm yourself. The 2nd Amendment was never about hunting or target practice. The 2nd Amendment is about protecting the citizens of these United States from tyranny. Whether you believe it or not is irrelevant. Those are the facts.

I carry because, while most people in our civil society are civilized, some are not. I don't carry because everybody is my enemy. Everybody is not my enemy. Everybody I meet is a potential friend or acquaintance, business partner, brother or sister, and someone with whom I might place my trust. However, that doesn't mean that in my 29 years of meeting new people, I haven't run across some that I'd rather not be around. I've run into my fair share of them. Of those people, I've met a few that have tried to do me physical harm. I carry because the right to defend myself is inalienable and cannot be taken away.

I carry because I love my family. I carry because my son has the right to grow up in a world where he doesn't have to live in fear of his neighbor or some random person walking down the street. I carry because an armed society is a polite society. When criminals learn that anybody could be armed, they are less likely to commit crime or do harm to my family.

I carry because I am a law-abiding citizen of the State of Washington & these United States, and my right has been recognized by the State Constitution as well as the United States Constitution. I carry because I paid the fee and received my license to carry a concealed weapon. I carry because I have committed myself to constant training with, and maintenance of my weapon. I carry because I know for a fact that my weapon will function when called upon - whether a shot is fired or not.

I carry, not because I think carrying is cool, but because carrying is common sense. I don't carry to intimidate or draw attention to myself. I carry because it reminds me that I have a duty to do what is right by the people and to ensure that nobody gets hurt because of recklessness on my part. I carry because in some parts of my city, only a fool would be caught without a weapon.

I carry because 5 rounds of .357 magnum from my revolver travel a lot faster than a police car.


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  1. I couldn't have stated this better, James. These are the same reasons why I carry. I have taken a lot of flac over the fact that I carry. It does not hinder me because a I understand the greater picture, as do you. I recently completed all of my requirements, training, and safety classes for my Utah permit. Adding that with my Oregon and Washington permit, I am now legal to carry in over 30 states.

    James, thanks for starting this blog.