Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Will We See a Ruger SR1911 in the Future?

Remington just launched a 1911 style .45 auto pistol. Amid all the makers of fine 1911 style handguns out there, it surprised me somewhat that Remington would venture into an already flooded market. Then I got to thinking: Remington's 1911 R1 looks fantastic, appears to be well engineered, and has a price point that can't be beat. With so many companies coming out with high quality guns, at a low price, I got to thinking that maybe Ruger will introduce a 1911 style pistol someday.

Ruger has really stepped it up in recent years. They have come out with some really great products and I feel they are responding better to consumer demands. With the addition of the LCP, LCR, and the SR9/SR9c series, they have really taken the concealed carry market by storm. Additionally, Ruger ventured into the AR 15 world with the SR556 carbine. This to me was a risky venture, but recently has born good fruit as far as Ruger goes. The SR556 appears to be a success, and leaves me wanting one badly. No longer are the consumers stuck to revolvers and non-tactical style rifles with Ruger. Ruger's recent additions are fantastic.

So the question I have is: Will Ruger produce a 1911 pistol? Good question. I've read in a few places that Ruger definitely has one on the table. In other places, I read that Ruger is focused on introducing a SR40 style weapon, which is basically a Ruger SR9, chambered for .40 S&W. That isn't a bad thing. I think Ruger has the wherewithal to do both. If Ruger introduced a 1911, I'd buy it in a hot minute, even if it was lawyerized with warning labels and loaded chamber indicators. They don't bother me. What bothers me is a lack of options to begin with.

Indeed, buying such a weapon would add yet another cartridge type to the pile of already growing cartridge styles, but a Ruger 1911 would be worth it.

I will continue to watch closely, and if Ruger introduces it, I'll be ready.




  2. if we do, I want the one in the picture!