Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ruger SR9 Second Trip to the Range

I've been on vacation for 9 days now, and it seems that I should get some shooting in before my time away from work is over. So, my wife, my father in law, and I headed to the Lee Kay shooting range with a trunk full of firepower. Among the usual suspects was my wife's Ruger 10/22 CRR and Henry Golden Boy .17 hmr as well as my Beretta 92 FS, Ruger SR9, and Ruger SP101.

I love shooting with two 9mm handguns. It's very fun to see how each gun shoots side by side. It's also fun to see just how different my shot groups are with each gun. It's interesting to feel the different shooting characteristics of each gun. Though they shoot the same ammo, have similar magazine capacities, and are similar in size, each one is as individual as a person's fingerprints. As such, each gun shoots completely differently.

Now, I'm not going to go over the boring details about my Beretta 92 FS. Face it, I'm a solid shooter with that gun because I've been shooting it for the last 8 years. The really exciting gun of the day was my Ruger SR9.

My father in law really digs the SR9, and for good reason. It's very comfortable to shoot. Once you have the gun figured out, it is very accurate, and it is consistent. The price point is also favorable too.

Okay, I'll admit something here. I'm not the greatest shooter in the world. Surprised? It takes me about a full magazine to warm up when I'm at the range. The reason? I don't shoot everyday, so I need to find my rhythm before I can put down tightly spaced groups. After I find it, however, I do pretty well. All my groups are tight enough to be kill shots no matter what gun I'm shooting.

The SR9 already had 100 rounds through it prior to this shootout. This trip, my father in law and I put about 125 rounds through it. Lindsay even fired it once! The trigger this time around felt pretty good. It feels like it keeps getting smoother and better the more I shoot it. The trigger is deliberate with a clean let off with absolutely no overtravel. I couldn't be happier with that. Each shot fired was a clean shot. All primer strikes were solid and dead nutz center.

We were shooting at targets 15 yards away. I hadn't shot this gun at that range before, but was happy with my results thus far. It seems my groups were about 6 inches at that range off hand. When I supported the SR9 on the bench, the groups tightened up to about 3". That's good enough for me. I thought the SR9 may have been shooting low until I benched it and shot all 17 rounds through the bulls eye.

Recoil was completely manageable. Gosh, I love the low bore axis on this gun! Even my father in law experienced extremely low muzzle rise, and he hasn't shot a handgun in years! His groups were pretty decent as well, and was hitting the target every time, and consistently. Of course, that's probably more the shooter than the gun, but the SR9 is a great gun for beginning shooters and those who are more familiar with handguns.

After getting the gun back home, I pulled it apart to check and see if there was any of the dreaded "peening" that some complain about. None. All the moving parts are wearing nicely. As of this report, there are 225 rounds on the gun.

My SR9 is a keeper!


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