Saturday, June 12, 2010


1st magazine of the day

I know what you are thinking. "This guy is obsessing over his Ruger SR9." You know what? You're right. This gun is the most exciting firearm I own at the moment. I had the fortune of going to the woods and blasting yet another 100 or so rounds from it without a single hiccup. So far, I've put over 325 rounds +- with 100% reliability.

Each time I squeeze the trigger, the gun goes BANG and the round goes where I expect it to go. You can't ask for more in a self-defense pistol, especially at the price point I got this at. Slow fire, rapid fire, this gun doesn't care. It always goes off when I ask it to.

I had the opportunity to show it off to a couple people from church, and they both agree that it is a great firearm. They, like I, enjoyed the low recoil, the lightweight, and the ever-increasingly smooth trigger.

2nd magazine

I decided to name my Ruger SR9 a very appropriate name, as it has come to earn my respect in the last month or so: SIR 9. Those who I respect, I address as Sir. The Ruger SR9 is no exception. I also thought about calling the SR9 short for Super Reliable 9mm, because that what this weapon is.

After getting the weapon back home today, I once again stripped her down and removed the striker for inspection. I have made it a point to do this each time to make sure all is well with this gun. Aside from some wear on the end of the slide hood from firing, the gun is in perfect shape. I'm a happy camper.

I have been monitoring the trigger on this gun because a lot of people complain about how crappy it is. I've found no such problem with the trigger itself. Instead, I could hear grittiness in it when I held it up to my ear during dry fire. Don't worry, the gun was unloaded. It turns out that the grittiness was left over carbon buildup and grease from the manufacturing and assembly process. I let the gun soak in CLP for a bit and removed a lot of the buildup from the striker cavity. The trigger squeeze smoothed up and the grittiness has gone away considerably. What I need to do now is blast it with high pressure brakekleen to blow any remaining particles out.

I still have another 175 or so rounds before I get to 500 rounds on this gun. I can't wait!


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