Monday, July 26, 2010

SR9c Arrived

Today, the family grew.  Yep, the Ruger SR9c that I've been waiting on came in today.  Now, my fullsize SR9 has a little brother.  Don't let this little guy fool you though.  It still packs the punch with 10+1 rounds of 9mm with a 17 round reload with the included fullsize magazine and grip extention sleeve.  This gun is to be a concealed carry weapon to supplement my Ruger SP101 and Ruger LCP. 

First on the agenda is an initial cleaning and inspection.  I won't have time to do this until Saturday because I'm away on business all week.  After that, it's range time and I have 200 rounds of 9mm with this gun's name written all over them!  We'll see how well this one performs.  My fullsize SR9 has really impressed me, so this new gun has some big shoes to fill.

One of the things I really like is the 17 round magazine interchangeability.  I stuck one of my SR9's 17 round magazines into the SR9c and it fit and functioned.  This is great because instead of buying a separate magazine design for each gun, I can just buy the standard for the SR9 and it can be used in the SR9c in a pinch.  The 10 round magazine physically will not fit the fullsize SR9, however.  That's okay though.  It just means I need to buy a couple of smaller magazines for the midget.

I really think Ruger has a good thing going for itself with these two guns.  I believe the SR9 concept is the best handgun platform Ruger has come up with, ever.  It is a combination of good ole legendary Ruger reliability and toughness with 21st century technology built in.  Yeah, say it all you want, SR9 haters!  The striker-fired design and safe trigger was pioneered by Glock and Springfield and Ruger just ripped it all off!  By that logic, however, we should just boycott all revolvers made by any company other than Colt or Smith and Wesson, right?  I think people who believe that load of crap need to get a life.

Getting back to my inflammatory statement about the SR9 being the best Ruger has come up with, I do stand by that statement.  Okay, yeah, the P series of guns are built like tanks, are solid and reliable as an AK-47.  I get it.  But they are also as attractive as an AK-47, and that isn't saying much.  They are also as big as a tank and as heavy too.  One thing the SR9 really has going for it is that it is so freaking accurate.  SR9 pistols are tack drivers and it isn't difficult to put down an accurate follow-up shot at all.  The SR9 is thinner, lighter, sleeker, and yeah, it's ugly but it is AR-15 ugly and that's damned sexy in a gun sort of way.

So, I get to spend the next 4 days dreaming about my new gun and all the things I can shoot with it.  This is going to be fun!


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  1. I love my SR9c. More accurate than I am (although I think it has made me a better shooter). It is my CCW pistol comfortable to carry and it provides peace of mind. I know what both of us can do if the need arises. Hopefully the only time I will need to shoot it is at the range once or twice a month. This pistol is better than all of the reviews.