Saturday, October 23, 2010

.22 Practice Pistol

With the rising cost of ammunition, and the need to stockpile my self defense munitions, I feel the need to buy a pistol that I can practice shooting zillions of rounds out of without breaking the bank.  Every time, I shoot 100 rounds of 9mm, it costs me over $30 typically.  A box of 500 .22lr rounds only costs $20 on the high end. 

Since I'm trying to save money shooting, I don't want to spend a ton of money on a gun.  Spending a bunch of money on a new gun to shoot .22lr would be like buying a Toyota Prius at $35K to save 30mpg on a 12mpg truck that's paid for.  It just doesn't make sense.  So, the gun has to meet two criteria: 1, it must shoot cheap ammo.  2, the gun itself must be inexpensive (not necessarily cheap).

After killing some paper at the range today, I walked to the downstairs gun shop to look at some .22 automatics.  I handled the Sig Sauer Mosquito (.22lr), but the slide lock release tab sticks out too far and I can't get my thumb on the gun very well; I have large hands.  I also considered a revolver, but revolvers, no matter what caliber, aren't going to go for less than $350 ever, unless you find a score.  I'm not a gambling man, so I'll stick with what I know: buy new or buy used (if I can find one). 

I handled a couple different Ruger Mk III style pistols today.  Ruger has made these guns for years and they come in two basic variations: traditional and the 22/45 style, which uses a 1911 style grip frame.  I took a liking to the 22/45 style because even though I don't own a 1911 pistol, the grips emulate more traditional automatic grips, like the ones found on my SR9 series of guns.  additionally, the light weight of the gun is a plus.

Of the 22/45 weapons, you can get various barrel versions, such as regular tapered, stainless, bull, fluted and slabside (pic above is a 4.5" slabside model).  I'm hooked on the little slabside gun.  It meets all the criteria (he he, only two... yeah).  Ruger MSRP is $333, which should translate into about $260 retail at the local gunshop.  The barrel length, as mentioned is 4.5" long and the entire gun is about 8.5" long.  Magazine capacity is 10 and the weight is 30 oz unloaded, which is actually heavier than my Ruger SR9c!  In fact, my Beretta M9A1 weighs just 3.9 ounces more than this pistol!  This information is critical, as this 22/45 is comparable to the guns that this is intended to supplement.

As this gun isn't going to be an expensive buy, I intend to get a full day of overtime in at work.  This should get me most of the way there, if not all the way.  Just need to call the gun shop and get a price and work with that.


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