Saturday, October 23, 2010


This ain't your grandfather's M9!  This is how they ought to look out of the box!  I haven't even had the chance to fire this yet and already I've replaced the plastic grip panels with licensed Hogue wrap around grips, complete with the Beretta logo.  I've also mounted the Streamlight TLR-1s weapon light, and that's where it will stay.

I barely had enough time to snap this picture before I found that I want to add glow in the dark night sights to it.  Aside from perhaps a few internal modifications, that's about as far as it will go.  I do plan on getting 4 20rd flush fit Mec Gar magazines for it as well.

Update: I took it shooting and I was putting 1" groups at 7 yards with it, right out of the box.  No trigger modications have been done to this weapon.  No malfunctions of any kind.  This weapon is superb.


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