Friday, October 15, 2010

Beretta M9A1

Well, here it is.  Finally!  I rescued this Beretta M9A1 from the gun shop just this evening.  This baby has everything I was looking for: 3-dot sights, square trigger guard, accessory rail, blackened finish, beveled magazine well, and an updated fire control mechanism that brings this M9 into the 21st century!

As I've written before, this is my WROL (Without Rule of Law) pistol.  It will serve as backup to my AR15 rifle.  I went with the Beretta platform for a multitude of reasons.  First off, I'm a big fan of Beretta guns.  These guns aren't manufactured - they are molded pieces of Italian artwork, carved from aluminum and steel.  The Beretta 92 series of guns (M9 is a 92) has legendary reliability.  They just work and work and continue to work.  They will go with you to hell and back and still work.  The gun is all metal.  That may mean that it weighs more (in fact, it does), but as long as it is taken care of, it will last and it is extremely durable.  Beretta's are accurate.  I can kill the target every time with a Beretta handgun.  It shoots the wildly popular 9mm cartridge, which means availability with plenty of firepower in this weapon.  I also like the size of the gun.  For a gun that won't be concealed, it is the perfect size for my larger hands.  Plus, the added size and weight give it good balance and helps with recoil.

The trigger on this gun is smooth  No double action striker fired weapon can come close to the smoothness of this trigger.  The Beretta utilizes a double/single action trigger.  This means that you can carry the gun around with a round in the pipe.  To fire, just release the safety and pull the trigger.  You don't have to pull the hammer back or rack the slide.  Then, when the gun fires, the subsequent action of the weapon cocks it for the second trigger pull.  All shots after the first are single action, which means a very short trigger pull and a lightweight one to boot.

The 3-dot sighting system is the only surprise that my gun came with.  I read somewhere that they didn't utilize 3-dot sights on the M9A1.  I guess the website was wrong.  The main difference between the M9A1 and the 92A1 is that the 92A1's front sight is removable.  No big deal here.  Should I find the need to put night sights on it, I can send the slide in and have a tritium insert installed.  Again, no big deal because this is something I'd probably send the whole gun out for even with a removable front sight.

Overall, a very happy day in my life.  I worked some buku overtime to buy this gun, and now I'm reaping the benefit of all my hard work.  Yay for me!


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  1. I have one too and love it I am trying to find a level two tactical holster for it with paddle and cannot. I have tried all of the big boys...Uncle Mikes, Blackhawk etc. and nothing comes up.

    This makes a great personal carry platform as it is light and responsive. I love the De-cocker feature Beretta has on these models. Its safe and adds a great amount of safety to the platform.

    If you have any info on getting a good tact holster for it I would sure love to know where!!