Sunday, October 10, 2010

Got Mosin?

My life doesn't revolve around just pistols.  Once in a while, I like to buy a rifle to add to the pile-o-guns in my house.  While cruising around, I stumbled on a guy selling a Mosin Nagant rifle, model 91/30, circa 1943.  The Mosin Nagant shoots the 7.62x54R cartridge, which was the standard for the Russian military for years.  These guns have been around since 1891.  They were redesigned in 1930, and were produced in the millions until 1944.  It is said that there are over 17 million of these guns in circulation today.  If you add the M38 Mosin Nagant I already have, I now have 2 of them.  Not bad.

The history of these guns, alone, is amazing.  It is likely that the Mosin Nagant sitting in the gun store has seen real action.  That is, it is a possibility that the gun you're staring at was carried by a Russian soldier as he/she fought desperately to save their nation from Fascist Nazi Germany.  Oh yes, women were involved in combat in Russia during WWII.  In fact, women were an important part of the sniper units of the Red Army, and these guns were a part of that.  Amazing!

Another good thing about these guns is that they are very inexpensive to buy.  I bought my M38 about 3 years ago for $85 on sale.  I purchased this big boy (photo above) for $110 off some dude in a private sale.  The Russian 7.62x54R is accurate, powerful, and the gun kicks like a mule.  After a box of 20 rounds, my shoulder feels like hamburger.  Gosh!  I love it!  More recoil!  This gun came with a recoil reducing pad.  Yeah, I'll shoot it like that for a while, but I'm oh-so tempted to buy a metal plate to put on the back of that stock.  It's just not a Mosin Nagant unless it is dislocating your shoulder as you shoot!

Anyways, this makes me happy.  Yet another gun in the safe, another gun off the street, and another right reaffirmed in the greatest nation on earth!  Thank God for America!  Thank God for Mosin Nagants!


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