Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Have Too Many Guns

Recently, I was involved in a conversation about guns, and as usual, I was flexing my muscles when it comes to firearm knowledge.  A person in the group asked, "How many guns do you have?"  I started counting in my head and lost count after 15.  I simply said, "Not enough."  He then gave me a puzzled look, and said, "Man, you must be psycho to have so many guns in your house."

Well, not really.  You see, guns really aren't that expensive when compared to the toys that many men and women collect over the years.  How many times do you see RV's, campers, trucks with toy haulers, snowmobiles, atv's, etc around Memorial Day weekend?  How often do you go to a person's house and see a big-ass t.v. in the front room, or better yet in a theater room?  Don't you know a guy who is a motor head?  Do you have any acquaintances or friend who have expensive cars or boats?

I saw a brand spanking new Chevy Duramax pickup truck hauling a really big toy hauler one weekend.  This stuff was brand new primo equipment.  I imagine the "toys" inside weren't cheap either, judging by the appearance of what I could see.  There must've been at least $90K worth of crap in this guy's direct possession rolling down the freeway!  The best part, I imagine, is that none of it was paid for.  Oh yeah, in modern America, everything is paid for with credit!

My most expensive firearm cost me $1350 so far.  It's an ongoing project that I continue to add to as time and money allow.  I've paid for this project all out of pocket, and did not go into debt one bit for this gun.  In fact, I've never used credit to buy a firearm.  Money talks!  I recently went on a shooting trip with some people from church.  I was loaded with guns!  If I recall correctly, I brought along my AR15, SR9, SR9c, Beretta 92, Beretta 21, LCP, Mosin Nagant, Marlin 1895 GS, and a few .22 rifles.  All told, I was packing about $5K+ worth of weapons in the back of my SUV.  When one of the guys exclaimed, "Dang that's a ton of money worth of guns", he was right.  It is a lot of money's worth of firearms. 

The ironic thing was that you can't even buy a brand new ATV for that much.  Okay, yeah I know.  Don't buy new, right?  Well someone had to.  The sad part is that you can't own just one atv.  How else can you ride with your friends?  And then what do you get them to the trail with?  Oh yeah, you need a trailer... or the back of a pickup truck.

The point is that yeah, I've got a lot of guns.  I have a lot of money tied up in my guns.  But realistically, it's not much in the grand scheme of things.  Power toys cost buku more than guns.  Heck, even you tool junkies out there can spend a ton of money on tools you'll rarely use.  But they sure look pretty in your garage!  Trust me, I know. (wink, wink)

One thing I take umbrage to is being called a psycho just because I have a lot of guns.  Well, personally, I think it's psycho to take out a bucket of loans on a bunch of expensive crap you only get to play with a few times a year!  Touche! 

I went shooting about 15 times in the last few months, and I shot more than 20 different guns in the process!  Tell me, how many times have you taken your boat out this year? 


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