Monday, October 4, 2010

Prepping for the Beretta M9A1

I'm making preparations to buy this gun as soon as humanly possible.  This is the Beretta M9A1, the same gun used by law enforcement agencies and the military. 

Beretta currently offers two versions of this gun.  The other is the civilian designation Beretta 92A1.  While both guns are virtually identical, there are some slight differences that set the M9A1 apart from the 92A1. 

The M9A1 has the trigger guard I prefer.  I don't care for the rounded trigger guard offered on the 92A1.  Somehow, a Beretta 92 designed weapon needs the square trigger guard.  Additionally, the front sight on the M9A1 appear to be non removable, whereas the 92A1's front sight is.  This isn't a big deal for me because the front sight on my tried and trued Beretta 92FS is not removable; I'm used to it.  The magazine well on the M9A1 is beveled to aid in faster magazine changes, resulting in quicker reloads.  Since this gun is going to be my "Without Rule of Law" (WROL) pistol, I want the advantage of that.

Aside from those differences, there are a few cosmetic differences in the grip and finish of the gun that make it more attractive to me.  The Beretta 92 series is very sexy.  I will also make use of the accessory rail on the frame when it comes to mounting a weapon-light. 

The one drawback to the M9A1 is that it comes with 15rd magazines instead of the 92A1's 17rd magazines.  However, I don't find this issue to be so much of an issue because I have about twenty 15rd magazines at home that fit this weapon.  The advantage is that the magazines for the M9A1 are PVD coated to be resistant to sand and junk that would otherwise render a magazine useless.  So, with this gun, I trade a couple rounds for reliability.  Actually, I'm not trading anything because as long as I'm wearing something that will accommodate it, I can wear as many spare magazines as possible.

I've already held the M9A1 and the handling of the weapon is very familiar.  It should be a good match for my AR15, which is its designated companion gun. 



  1. Does the Civilian M9A1 say "92FS" anywhere on the slide or frame or only M9? I've been looking into getting one and I really want it to say M9 instead of "92". Not that it makes a difference functionally, but I'd still like to know before I buy and so far no dealer around here or that I can get hold of on the phone has one in stock or knows.

  2. 92FS is stamped into the slide on the right slide, but M9A1 is stamped into the frame on the left. And it's very clear. The model is just before the serial number. If the gunshop counter commando doesn't know the difference, just ask him/her if the trigger is rounded or square. Round is the 92A1, square is the M9A1.

  3. Thinking of selling my g19 and getting the m9a1 good idea r not?