Saturday, November 27, 2010

Second Wave in the Christmas Season Trifecta

Actually, it starts on Halloween for us because we go all out decorating our house in spookiness for the kids on October 31st. Then comes Thanksgiving and that's always a great time to be with family and friends. Plus, the fall decorations and colors adorning the front porch help elevate our family into the "Tis the season" mode. Now, the day after Thanksgiving, while others are running around like chickens with their heads cut off (celebrating the commercialism that has become Christmas), I woke up at 8ish and slowly made my way out of bed by say 9ish. Then the wife and I get the kids ready and take a leisurely drive down to our favorite place to buy Christmas trees. Each year that we've bought trees at this particular location, we've always gotten a picture-perfect Noble fir tree with which to cram 1200+ lights and buckets of random, fun ornaments.

While the wifenator is busy stuffing strands of lights into the tree, I'm busy outside hanging lights from the porch and getting lights strung around the window frames and doors. We top it off with a couple of festive looking lighted penguins to greet well wishers at the front porch. The decorations then spill into the rest of the living room, kitchen, and eventually find their way into the dining room. The sounds of Bing Crosby singing Christmas carols can be heard in the home and the smell of sweet sugar cookies (via a scented candle) waft into every room of the home, mixing with the smells of Cinnamon from the gigantic pine cones that make up part of our table centerpiece.

The Christmas Season is officially here, at least in our house.


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