Monday, December 6, 2010


We have finally laid down the first in many coats of paint in the upstairs portion of our house.  No, the salmon orange paint is not what we are putting on.  That's what I'm glad to say is going away.  What you really see in this picture is the white ceiling paint applied just this morning to cover up the sockeye orange that someone once thought was a good idea. 

It's taken just over 3 years to get here.  After painting all the rooms downstairs, adding and taking away appliances, fixtures, moving electrical sockets around and fixing the problems left by the previous owners, we are moving our remodel upstairs.

Ironically, The upstairs project is going to jump start the rest of the house.  To date, most of the work has been paint and trim, but after the beginning of the new year, we will lay new floors down upstairs and it will steadily work it's way downstairs.  We are tired of looking at the old floor.  Oh, it is so gaudy to look at.  Just the carpet removal in the room pictured was an adventure.  We tore through two more layers of floor to get to the original.  It was worth it though.  Years of animal stained, urine soaked carpet are gone and the upstairs has taken on a fresh new feel as a result.  For too long, I thought this room was a lost cause and would be the last frontier of our home make-over.  Well, with changing plans, new ideas, and a little outside-of-the-box thinking, the room has leaped from the back burner and has become the new front in this endeavor to make the home more useful.  Just wait till you see what color Lindsay has in mind.


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