Saturday, December 11, 2010

An Update To The Ruger SR9 Dropped In The Mud

After dropping the Ruger SR9 in the mud, and then firing it for the camera, the group I was shooting with continued to fire the weapon over the course of the morning. I did not do anything to clean the gun after dropping it. I wanted to get it home and crack it open for the still camera.

When I got the weapon apart, the real story began to be told. From the video, it looked as though the gun just landed in some muddy water and that was it. What the video camera didn't pick up was the mud, grit, and plant debris that found their way into the guts of the weapon.

Yes, that is organic plant material, mud, and a lot of grit buildup. If the SR9 was going to malfunction, it was being very stubborn. The gun continued through another 100 rounds of 124gr 9mm FMJ without a single hiccup. That's not bad for a gun that was taken right out of it's case and dropped into the mud and fired.

I'd trust my life with it.


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