Thursday, January 13, 2011

AZ - Finally, A Lawmaker That Gets It

Lawmaker Brings Gun To Work at State Senate

Finally, there are some lawmakers out there that get it!

"Sen. Lori Klein, R-Anthem, said she has had a gun for years. And when a new law kicked in last year allowing anyone to have a concealed weapon, she began carrying a .380 Ruger in her purse."

And look, she's not some trigger happy whack job that some in the anti-gun crowd would have you believe.

"I'm comfortable carrying,'' Klein continued. "And I had no intention of creating any concern.''

And to those of you who believe the government should protect you...

"I believe that my responsibility is to protect myself,'' she told Capitol Media Services.

What have I been screaming all along? Oh yeah, exactly what Sen. Klein stated in this article.

And one last thing. I know this is going to piss a lot of regulation-happy people off, but it is the truth.

"Anyone can come into the Senate office building,'' she said. "And frankly if you're somebody that has an intent to harm someone you're not going to stop by the guard and say, 'Here's my weapon.' ''

Can it be? More sound reasoning from an elected official? Let's be clear here. Regulate guns and ammo, and magazines, and trigger locks, and where you can and cannot take them all you want. Criminals won't obey the laws you put forth. That's why they are... uh, CRIMINALS!!! The only people whom these laws serve to punish are the law-abiding citizens who have done everything right.

Thank you Senator Klein! At least on this issue, you have got your head on straight!


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