Monday, January 17, 2011

Taurus Model 82... Wait! TAURUS?!

People who know me are well aware that I'm not the biggest fan of Taurus firearms, but this little gun caught my attention.  This is the Taurus Model 82, chambered in .38 Special +P.  My dad originally brought this gun to my attention and of course, I went to see what all his fuss was about.  Now, usually when someone tells me about some great gun, I normally roll my eyes and anticipate the same feeling I would get as if someone recommended a movie to me that absolutely sucked.  But no, not this time.  This time, I believe we have a nice shooter available in the Taurus Model 82.  Oh yeah, well what's so nice about it?

Just look at it!  This gun is beautiful.  The blued finish is awesome.  And although I'm not a total fan of the Taurus, I have to say that the grips on these guns are outstanding.  This gun has a 4" barrel, simple fixed iron sights and price point that is just right (MSRP: $424).  When you add the fact that this gun weighs 36.5 ounces unloaded, you have what I would call a stout little 38.

The weight of this gun, coupled with the already low recoil .38 Special load, makes it IDEAL for smaller shooters, IE: petite wives (like mine).  The full wrap grip, which wraps up and under the back of the trigger guard, should make for a comfortable gun as well.  And if the trigger on this is any like my dad's 605, then you have a winner.

Being a +P rated gun is also a nice thing.  While it won't deliver the punch (or the sting) of the .357 magnum, it will still deliver one helluva punch.  One can easily practice with low recoiling 110gr 38 Special, and then load up some +P rounds for self defense.  Should you find yourself in a self defense situation, you won't notice the recoil difference, but for practice, a low power 38 is a good choice.

Being a revolver, it will be reliable.  With hell-and-back capability, a revolver is hard to beat.  Even in a world of high tech polymer framed automatics, the ole standby solid steel revolver will always be king.

Overall, I really am starting to like this gun.  In fact, a departure from the ole standby of purchasing nothing but Berettas and Rugers may someday be on the horizon. 


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  1. I am sure this review will definitely appeal the person who have no interest in shooting