Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fallkniven A1 Baton Test

Recently, I dropped a considerable amount of money on a new survival knife - the Fallkniven A1.  I bought it for the soul purpose of making short work of firewood without the need for an axe.  The idea is to lighten the load a bit and place emphasis on speed and accuracy over brute force.  Since it was a nice cold snowy day today, what better time to test this knife and see how well it batons through a piece of wood.

Here she is in her untested, unmolested glory. This knife will never look as good as this picture ever again.

Another pretty pic.

After tossing it into the snow to get it wet (thus simulating real survival conditions), I found a nice piece of wood to test the knife on.


The knife went through the wood like it was butter. It only took about 5 light taps with another piece of wood (the baton) to split this piece of wood completely in half. If I were making a fire, this piece would be cut a couple more times into kindling and would be put to good use warming my fingers and lifting my spirits.

If you do not know what batoning wood is, click this link.


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