Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The New Punisher

It's in!  My new Fallkniven A1 survival knife arrived via the UPS man this afternoon.  Wasn't able to get a great pic in daylight hours because I was watching my two sick kids and had to make dinner, but I just couldn't resist doing a little point-and-shoot action with my obsolete Fuji Finepix camera!  Of course, when I get some good light, I'll update with a much better picture.

But for now, here it is!  She's dressed in shiny VG10 stainless steel.  The blade comes in at just over 6 inches long and it is about 1/4" at the thickest point.  This thing is viscious.

Now, talk about quality.  I've handled some nice knives before, but was apprehensive about spending a whole day's pay on one, but let me tell you.  This thing is exquisite.  I haven't handled a knife of this quality in a LOOOOOOONG time!  I'm very excited to get it out working, but sad that I'm going to bang it up at the same time.  Guess that's the life though.  Freaking awesome!


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