Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Too Many Unfinished Projects!

This year, I need to focus on not buying too many guns (maybe a couple).  I have way too many gun projects that have stalled and I need to get them up to speed. 

For starters, I need to get some slings on some guns.  The AR-15 needs a good single point sling system as well as the Shotgun.  Both of these guns are primary weapons.  Should I need to draw the secondary weapon system (pistol), I need to keep the gun attached to me so it doesn't drop on the ground when transitioning. 

Then there is the chore of trying to figure out which optic to get mounted on that AR-15.  I'm pretty certain that I want a Comp M2 on there, but these things cost money.  Heck, for the price of just the optic alone (no mount), I could buy another Ruger SR9 and add yet another weapon to the pile.  But who am I kidding?  I already have two Ruger SR9 pistols and really don't need a third; the same goes for Berettas, LOL!

The M9 and 92FS both need larger magazine release buttons and the M9 needs to be sent out for upgraded glow in the dark sights.  Additionally, I'm considering buying a bungy type lanyard for the M9 for retention... or I might just make one out of paracord (which I already have a couple hundred feet of).

I love upgrading and accessorizing my guns.  It makes them more mine that anyone else and it's cool to be able to show off some of the upgrades to other shooters.  But I also have to buy some other things that aren't necessarily for the guns themselves but for me to use in the field, but that'll have to wait.

Ugh!  Too many projects!


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  1. A day at a time my friend. Nice looking guns though.