Sunday, March 6, 2011

Safe Gun Storage Revisited

I've covered this subject in writing before, but this is my first attempted at articulating the subject of safe firearm storage in a video format. I've written at length about how great this little safe is, and I know there are plenty of videos online demonstrating it, but they are all staged and scripted. Here is my take on it, unscripted and low production.

Video Description from Youtube:

I have been thinking about making this video for awhile now. After taking the idea to my wife, she agreed that it would be a good way to show people how to safely store firearms withing easy reach, yet safely out of the way of curious children. I think the GunVault is a great little safe to store your bedside pistol safely, securely, and easily accessible. Should the unexpected happen, your handgun is within easy reach. Is it foolproof? No, nothing is. This safe is simply another layer in your safe gun storage program. Even a safe can be figured out by a determined child. That is why I'm a proponent of safety training and teaching kids at a young age how to deal with firearms, safe handling practices, and what to do if they see a gun. I've tested this safe with my 2 year old son, and he cannot physically push the buttons hard enough to enter the secret code. Moreover, the safe will lock him out if he does because I am highly doubtful he could enter the correct code within three tries or enter it fast enough for the safe to allow him access. As he gets older, stronger, and smarter, things will change. That is the dynamic of raising children in a house full of guns. But as he gets older, my proactive steps to keep him safe from himself with regard to firearms (or anything for that matter) will change and grow with him. For the past 4 years, this safe has been the ideal method of safe firearm storage. Will it work 4 years from now? Well, I don't have a crystal ball, so I can't tell you. But I do know that safe storage is more than the sum of the parts you put into it. Training, proactive measures, and monitoring of behavior and skills assessment go a long way in making sure your children are safe around your guns. Just so you know, I didn't have stuff like this when I was my son's age. My father had guns in the house, yet somehow I survived to be 30 years old. I attribute that to my father educating me and working the curiosity of guns out of my system at a very young age - 5 years old to be exact. These days, times are much different. The world has become a far more dangerous place than it was when I was a small boy. Taking measures to keep guns off the streets and out of the hands of criminals is a responsibility of every law-abiding and responsible gun owner. For that, I use safes and locking devices to keep unwanted fingers off my legally acquired, legally own, and legally carried weapons. The GunVault is ideal for my circumstances at this time, and I give you this video demonstration so you can assess if maybe this method of firearm storage is for you. Enjoy!

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