Thursday, April 28, 2011

NRA Life of Duty Patriot Profile - Patriot Guard Riders

Truly, a moving video.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Daughter Scolds Herself

We were out at Target last night, and on my way out of the dressing room, I found my wife recording my daughter attempting to scold herself in the mirror at the store. This is so funny! I could watch this video all day! I think she picked up the "no no no" from me because whenever she starts to get into trouble, I always say, "Rory... no no no" and shake my finger at her. I love children!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Monday, April 18, 2011

Ruger SR1911 - Finally!

Finally, Ruger announces their newest addition to the Ruger lineup - the Ruger SR1911 .45 caliber handgun.  This dude is 100% American made, as all 1911's should be.  I've been holding off on purchasing a 1911 handgun in anticipation of Ruger's announcement of this gem.  So, it looks like I have a new gun to save for.

Just how many guns do I need?  Just one more.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

Note To Self... Don't Forget To Bring a Mag

Well, we got down to the Lee Kay Center in SLC, UT to do some shooting today.  As I unpacked the AR 15, I realized that I had forgotten to bring a magazine.  DOH!  I brought 3 PMAG's to UT, but left them in the car back at the inlaw's house. 

Well, the nice thing about the AR 15 is that you can load a single round at a time safetly and shoot it like a single shot rifle.  Seems really silly if you ask me.  Taking a $1500 rifle and loading a round at a time and firing once, lock the bolt back, reload, release the bolt, fire, and repeating sucks! 

Fortunately, I only needed to verify the weapon was sighted in for 25 yards.  I had mechanically zeroed the weapon at the house just before we left.  Fired 10 rounds into a target and all rounds went through the bulls eye.  Nice!  Guess I didn't have to do anymore sighting in.  So, I showed my father inlaw how to load it and let him have all the fun he wanted to.  I wasn't interested in shooting it anymore and switched over to the handguns.

One thing is for sure.  All that silly manual loading and charging saves on ammo.  I brought 180 rds of ammo and we probably burned through only 60 rds before the range closed for the evening.  Sure makes the ammo last a long time.  I can usually burn through 200 rds in about a half hour.

I'm going to find a 10 rd magazine to use at the range, especially for bench rest shooting.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Review of Men's Chocorua Trail Mid with Gore-Tex� membrane

Originally submitted at Timberland

Get geared up this season. Take a look at our Men's Chocorua Trail with Gore-Tex� membrane. Back by popular demand, our Chocorua Trail boot is just perfect for day hikes and all other outdoor activities.

The Most Bang For Your Buck!

By Raminator from Tacoma, WA on 4/14/2011


5out of 5

Sizing: Feels true to size

Width: Feels true to width

Pros: Long Lasting, Breathes Well, Comfortable, Warm, Durable, Good Cushioning, Stable

Best Uses: Wet Weather, Travel, Hiking, Casual Wear, Backpacking

Describe Yourself: Outdoorsman

I have been rocking these boots for over 4 years. That's right - over 4 years of use in some of the harshest and nastiest environments that Washington State has to offer. From sub-desert to rainforest, salt water beaches, mountains, alpine ridges, to deep snow and ice, these boots have performed with the utmost in quality and durability that I have come to expect from Timberland. The boots have kept my feet dry and warm in environments that would have destroyed lesser boots. The treads have worn nicely and after 4 years of hard use, there are no cracks or punctures to speak of. I am, however, in the market for a new pair of boots, and a new pair of these boots will soon find themselves gracing my feet with their presence.


Battle Los Angeles

I don't normally put movie reviews in my blog because most movies just aren't worth the time it takes to write them.  Are they entertaining?  Yes.  Worth the effort to review?  Not really.  However, I just saw Battle Los Angeles today and I must say that Hollywood got this one right!

The movie is about aliens attacking the earth for no other reason than to strip our planet of its most valuable resource: water.  But they don't focus on that so much as they focus on the amazing amount of special effects and the raw and gritty method of filming this great movie. 

I also appreciate the amount of attention paid to the Marines, who fight (and many of whom die) to defend their beloved country... and planet against an unknown invasion force from who-knows-where. 

Not so much attention is focused on the aliens, except to show them as the invasion force and you see basically what the Marines see, which isn't a whole lot except for a massively overwhelming amount of weapon fire. 

In order to fully appreciate this movie, you have to see it in theaters.  I know, it's getting a little late for that, but on the bright side, the theater will be fairly empty so you can spend less time getting annoyed at loud popcorn eaters and focus on the movie itself.  5 stars all the way.  You can bet the farm I'll be buying this as soon as it comes out on DVD.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Intruder shot dead at East Side Tacoma home

Now, read this. If you ever had any doubts about why I carry a gun INSIDE my house, this is exactly it. This happened about a mile from where I live. The third suspect is still on the loose. Hopefully, he learned the lesson his dead companion didn't have the benefit of learning before he was shot dead by the legally armed homeowner! Intruder shot dead at East Side Tacoma home Northwest Partners - The News Tribune -James

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Back in 2008, I was in the gift shop at Mt Rainier looking around for some trinket to bring home with me after a long hike.  Not satisfied with anything I saw, I was about to walk out when I noticed an orange deck of cards that said, "DON'T DIE OUT THERE."  Well, that immediately got my attention.

Upon closer examination, I discovered that, aside from being a deck of playing cards, each card had tips and tricks for outdoor field craft that was practical and worthwhile.  Now, decks of cards are great for putting necessary information in a place easy to find and use.  The US military has done this for years by placing the names and faces of known terrorists on decks of cards, knowing full well the soldiers would play cards and would learn the names and faces by associating them with certain cards, like Ace of Spades or King of clubs.  It's a brilliant yet simple idea, and putting survival tips on playing cards is a good idea too.

Now, each type of card, diamonds, spades, hearts, and clubs, have different categories of wilderness survival advice on each face.  Diamonds is for survival essentials, signals, locating your position and shelter.  Spades covers assessing your situation, water, fire, food, and evacuation techniques (I'm pulling this off the back of my deck of cards, by the way).  Hearts covers basic first aid, hypothermia, frostbite, heat illness, sprains and dislocations.  Lastly, clubs addresses CPR, head and spine injuries, fractures, bites and stings, and evacuation of the injured.  With the last group (clubs), you can see that these cards not only cover wilderness survival, but survival in any situation, whether it be on land, sea, or even in the air. 

Opening the box and placing the cards in your hands, you can immediately see the color that corresponds to the category by type, even when stacked.  The joker cards also serve a useful purpose.  One of the jokers is a Preparation and Prevention card, which covers what to do before you head out into the woods and what to do while you are out.  Things like checking weather before you go and making sure you have a current map of the area and leaving contact information are covered.  Also, it reminds you to have enough water on hand, and a reminder to be realistic about your abilities as well as a reminder to turn back if it gets too dangerous.  Yeah, you say that's a no brainer, but people oftentimes get stuck or killed because they fail to think about this very simple concept.

The other joker has the contents, which is basically the same rundown of what each type of card covers, as written above.  Lastly, there is an introduction card with the rationale of this deck as well as an important reminder about safety.

For each card type, the Ace is the table contents.  Each numbered card and face card afterward addresses issues related to that category in order of severity and priority.  For example, the ace of spades has the TOC for situation assessment, water, food, fire, etc.  In order of priority, the 2 of spades starts off with establishing a priority right away.  Things like treating severe injuries, locating food and water, and building a fire are listed first.  It's sort of the rundown of what you need to be thinking.  3 of spades addresses leadership roles and who to put in charge of the situation.  Each card thereafter covers subjects in the following order: evacuation, self-evacuation, preventing further injury, performing primary survey, ten-point examination, water, how to make a solar still (very cool), the illustrated solar still (as shown above), lighting a fire, and procuring food.  This simple example covers a lot of ground in not a whole lot of cards. 

Now, would you immediately bust out this deck of cards in an emergency?  Depends.  If I suddenly found myself lost and followed rule el numero uno and decided to STAY PUT, I might just break these out to read.  If nothing else, it will keep my mind occupied while I figure out what to do next.  More realistically, these cards would find themselves in many rounds of Texas Hold 'em while at camp.  And as I use them more and more, the more I'll remember things written on them. 

Look, I'm big into wilderness survival, but even I forget things.  Having something like this around as a handy little guide is worth the extra couple of ounces they take up in my backpack.  Plus, these cards are dirt cheap.  You can buy them for less than $8.00 anywhere.  In fact, the price of my cards was somewhere in the neighborhood of $7.00 before tax.  Not a bad deal when you consider that any survival guidebook will be more in the $20 range.  Even my pocket SAS Survival Guide handbook was $8.00 before tax.  Of course, the guidebook has much more information in it, but it's not as fun to read as a deck of cards while sharing some good times with some buddies outdoors in the glow of a lantern.  I'm just saying.

So, if you are looking for something to pass the time in a useful way, while being able to have fun with and maybe even win a few bucks playin' cards, get these bad boys.  Just google it and buy them.