Friday, April 15, 2011

Note To Self... Don't Forget To Bring a Mag

Well, we got down to the Lee Kay Center in SLC, UT to do some shooting today.  As I unpacked the AR 15, I realized that I had forgotten to bring a magazine.  DOH!  I brought 3 PMAG's to UT, but left them in the car back at the inlaw's house. 

Well, the nice thing about the AR 15 is that you can load a single round at a time safetly and shoot it like a single shot rifle.  Seems really silly if you ask me.  Taking a $1500 rifle and loading a round at a time and firing once, lock the bolt back, reload, release the bolt, fire, and repeating sucks! 

Fortunately, I only needed to verify the weapon was sighted in for 25 yards.  I had mechanically zeroed the weapon at the house just before we left.  Fired 10 rounds into a target and all rounds went through the bulls eye.  Nice!  Guess I didn't have to do anymore sighting in.  So, I showed my father inlaw how to load it and let him have all the fun he wanted to.  I wasn't interested in shooting it anymore and switched over to the handguns.

One thing is for sure.  All that silly manual loading and charging saves on ammo.  I brought 180 rds of ammo and we probably burned through only 60 rds before the range closed for the evening.  Sure makes the ammo last a long time.  I can usually burn through 200 rds in about a half hour.

I'm going to find a 10 rd magazine to use at the range, especially for bench rest shooting.


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