Friday, May 13, 2011

A Fistful of Rugers!

Finally, after... what's it been... 3 months, my Ruger LC9 arrived.  I was beginning to have serious doubts it would ever come.  Thankfully, the guys over at Bulls Eye called me this morning and said, "Your LC9 is here and ready for pickup."  Unfortunately, I was still at work, so I had to be patient.  Heck, I've waited almost 90 days for it.  How hard would it be to wait another few hours?  Fortunately, it wasn't hard at all, being as I was in the middle of some work that required a great deal of attention.  But just after 4pm, I high-tailed it out of the jobsite. and went home so I could get it.  And here it is!

Ruger LC9

Now, we have gone way beyond trifecta here.  Back when I bought the SR9c, we had already hit the fan stage.  Now, I think it is safe to call this the all out fanatic stage.  When will it end?  The answer is never.  The best answer I've ever given to someone who asked me how many guns I really need was, "Just one more."  That saying is true.  Already, I'm gearing up for the new Ruger SR1911 pistol.  I think I'm done buying polymer guns for now.  I have amassed a pretty decent collection of Ruger pistols as of late.  These pics don't even include the ever faithful, almost always forgotten Ruger SP101 - the unsung hero of my pistols.  Each gun has found its own place in the safe.

The LC9 is to supplement the LCP as well as take over the duty of carrying in really warm weather in place of the SR9c.  I've done a really good job getting that SR9c to hide under a t-shirt pretty well, but as the weather heats up, I feel that the slimness of the LC9, as well as the smaller grip, will make for a bit better concealed weapon on hot days. 

The LCP primarly serves as backup now.  Last year, it was my hot weather primary carry gun.  That role has shifted to the LC9 (pending break in).

The SR9c still remains the bread and butter of my concealed carry options, and will always be the weapon of choice given the feasibility of doing so.  It prints very little, if at all under a t-shirt and punches above its weight, given the choice of a 17rd magazine reload for it.

The fullsize SR9 is the mule gun.  That's the one that goes to the range and gets a lot of use as a bullet hose.  It's ideal for plinking, training, and good fun.  It was originally destined to be my to-hell-and-back gun, but was supplanted easily by the Beretta M9A1.  But as the M9A1 is more of the WROL backup to my AR-15, I'm considering buying a compact light and mounting it under the nose of the SR9 and dedicating it to nightstand use.

I can affirm now that the options are no longer killing me.  I've got just about the right tool for every job.  Loving it!

Ruger. Winning!

Next gun on the agenda is the Ruger SR1911.  Then maybe if they don't come out with another gun to tickle my fancy for a while, I might just buy a revolver. 


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