Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It Was An Accident... No, Really!

I've been considering a pair of electronic earmuffs for awhile.  The other day, I was checking out prices and reviews and happened to come across Howard Leight Impact Sport earmuffs.  The pricing on these is a bit peculiar because I've seen earmuff prices in the $20-$30 range, and above $75, but nothing really in the $50 range.  I decided to do some more digging and found a few rock solid video reviews online from actual users, one of which can be seen on many videos wearing them in the Utah heat, rain, blizzard, and everything else I've seen him in.  He'd been wearing them for over a year now and highly recommended them as a "high value" item.  Of course, high value means so many things to so many people, but for me it means that I get a lot of bang for my buck.  It typically means, for me, that while the item I receive may not be the most fantastic item on the market, it is still impressive enough to purchase on a working man's budget and use for a long time. 

I've already determined that earmuffs in the $20-$30 price range are out of the picture.  I've read too many negative reviews relating to bad noise attenuation, electronic feedback, bad frequency issues, and worst of all, some do not shut off the microphone until after the gunshot is heard by the user.  That's a deal breaker for me.  After all, what's the point of electronic earmuffs if they do not shut off a gunshot blast before it reaches the internal speakers?!

Anyway, I was on Amazon.com and went through the process of purchasing, just so I can see how much it would cost to ship to my house.  When I clicked away, I must've accidentally hit the enter key or clicked on the confirmation.  I had closed the page before it refreshed and said "confirmed."  Of course, the confirmation email came, but for some reason it filtered into my junk mail folder.  I guess these muffs wanted to be bought.  It wasn't until my wife told me - a few days later - that I bought them.  Of course, I went upstairs to check my computer and sure enough, there was a confirmation email in the junk mail folder, LOL! 

So, my new earmuffs are on their way.  Like it or not, here they come. 


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