Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bear Creek Holsters - Everything In It's Place

As many already know, I normally carry two guns as part of my concealed carry package.  It's actually quite easy to carry two guns at once when you have good holsters for each.  The problem is where do you put your extra magazines?  Normally, this dilemma solves itself in ways that may or may not work so well.  All too often, I find myself stuffing the extra magazines into a cargo pocket, or in the front pocket of my jeans, alongside my keys or cellphone.  None of these methods was really ideal, but I dealt with it.  I mean, the chance of needing my gun is slim enough... right?

Then I saw a really neat idea on, where someone had a pocket style pouch made to accommodate his Ruger LCP and LC9 magazines.  Brilliant!  The maker, Doug Childers, from Bear Creek holsters, makes custom leather for us gun guys.  I liked the idea so much, I commissioned him for a custom mag holder, but instead of it being pocket style, I wanted something I could put on my belt instead.  The pic you see is the end result of our collaboration.  I know, I could have ordered it to carry two LC9 magazines instead of one of each, but being as I only carry one extra magazine per gun anyway, this was a fitting solution to a glaring problem I was having.

For my SR9c, I use a leather belt pouch to carry the spare magazine.  I only need one spare magazine.  I'm not heading to combat, so the need for two extra mags is small.  But I guess some could argue that the need for two guns is not necessary either, but then again, they probably don't subscribe to the "BUG" idea like I do.  Since my BUG is a mag fed weapon, it too needs a spare magazine.  Thus, the inception of this dual caliber mag pouch.  Sure, it was someone else's idea, but it is a good one. 

The leather on this pouch is good stuff.  The holster is handmade right here in the USA and it exudes quality.  Doug Childers obviously takes pride in his work and you know he gives a damn when it comes to making his customers happy.  I'm 100% satisfied and will definitely have more work for him later on when I get my 1911.  After all, those extra single stacked 45 acp magazines aren't going to hold themselves!!!


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