Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Defending The Retreat

The shotgun you see above this is the Remington 870.  More than your run of the mill pump action 12 gauge shotgun, this is the 870 Express Tactical shotgun.  Now, instead of "tactical" being thrown out to up the price into unobtainium status, the "tactical" upgrades to this shotgun are actually well thought out.  For instance, the first thing I notice is the XS ghost ring sight rail attached to the receiver, which has obviously been drilled and tapped.  The rail and sight alone make the weapon better as is, and can easily accept an optic of some kind.  The receiver being drilled and tapped to allow this gives even more options out of the box.  The second thing I see is the blade front sight, which allows better sight acquisition than a bead, in my humble opinion.  Resembling rifle sights more than a shotgun bead sight, this gives the shooter the advantage of learning one system instead of two.  Most noticeably, the front of the barrel has Remington's RC Tactical ported tube extension, which very much resembles a breacher barrel, which is used to blow locks and hinges off doors with frangible slugs.  Most importantly, this shotgun has a 2-shot extension in the magazine tube, giving the weapon a 7 round capacity.

Now, coupled with a good quality sling system, a weapon light, and a carrier for extra ammo, this gun is a force multiplier in your personal defense arsenal.  A shotgun is a very devastating weapon and packs a lot of firepower.  It is extremely versatile and can be used well by the novice shooter as well as the experienced operator, and everyone else somewhere in between - like me.  As a home defense weapon, there is nothing better than a 12 gauge pump shotgun.  This can be added to my "very" short list.


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