Friday, August 5, 2011

Don't Disregard The Revolver

PhotobucketYesterday, the big brown truck came by and dropped off a little something at my front door; it was a gear/bug out bag from that I bought on a closeout.  The bag is awesome.  It holds tons of magazines for both my AR-15 and Beretta M9A1.  As I got to organizing it the way I liked, I started thinking about the possibility that if the SHTF, all those magazines might be either lost, stolen, broken, or perhaps destroyed if things really weren't going my way.  When you think of it, in a fire fight, should you be caught up in a situation where a magazine reload is necessary, you'd be inclined to drop the magazine and load in a fresh one.  Of course, during an actual fire fight, I highly doubt you will spend precious seconds trying to cram an empty magazine into your dump pouch.  Instead, the chances are likely that you will have to lose a magazine in order to save your butt.  Over time, all this loss of mags, without recovery, on the move, and nowhere near a munitions depot is going to find your fancy semi automatic more of a single shot than anything else.

This is where the revolver comes into play.  The magazine on the revolver is the cylinder, which does not get dumped in a fire fight; only the spent brass.  Provided you could keep feeding this weapon ammunition, you have no need for spare magazines.  Just flip open the cylinder, and cycle in a fresh set of rounds.

Of course, the revolver is slow to load, and has a very limited ammo capacity, but if you are caught in a serious bind, it may turn into your best friend really fast.  Don't misunderstand me on this though.  A fullsize, semi auto rifle with a detachable box magazine capable of holding 20-30 rounds is ideal.  Pistols are used to fight your way to rifles.  The best pistols for SHTF scenarios are definitely going to be semi autos with detachable magazines with a 15-20 round capacity, but when all your magazines are lost and broken, the ole standby revolver will be there for you.

Of course, the type of revolver is up to you.  For me, the Ruger SP101 is perfect.  It is small enough to conceal, it is chambered for .357 magnum, but will fire 38 specials.  Ah, another consideration is to choose your revolver with a caliber you feel you'll mostly likely see in the real world.  38 special/.357 magnum seem to be the most popular SD revolver catridges out there.  The weapon fits in a pocket inside the gear bag, so it can be ready to go.  As for reloading, speed strips, speed loaders, and a lot of practice go a long way for you. 

I personally hope that: A, the S never hits the fan, and B, if it does I don't run out of ammo or need to resort to using the revolver.  But for my money, as a last resort weapon before switching to a knife or ASP, the revolver is the way to go!  Just drop it and about 50 rds of ammo into your Get-the-hell-out-of-dodge bag and enjoy!


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