Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Raminator Rides Again!

I know, it's been too long.  A month and 5 days has gone by since the accident, and yet the Ramcharger didn't really get out at all during that time.  Yes, I admit it; I have been dragging ass a bit.  But it wasn't just that.  Fixing these old trucks gets expensive really fast, and as much as I wanted to get it up and running faster, the bank account demanded that I pace myself.

Well, today, the last major fix for the mechanicals was done.  I drove it down to Discount for a brand new wheel to replace the one that was seriously bent in the accident.  Let me tell you, getting above 30 mph on a wheel that bent was a little nerve racking.  Now that it has the new wheel, it drives like a champ.  The brakes are very good, the alignment appears to have been unaffected, and the vehicle is still very stable at highway speeds.  That's encouraging, because now it has to go to the frame shop to get measured up.  The outcome of the measurement will determine whether the Ramcharger gets sold or not.  I'm hoping the frame is tip top.  But being as that bitch hit my truck hard enough to rip the wheel and tire right off and snap the axle like a matchstick, I'm very much aware that even my cautious optimism may not be enough in the end.  However...

The Ramcharger rides again!  Gosh it felt good to get behind the wheel of the ole girl and blow the cob webs out of the muffler.

Should everything check out, framewise, then the next phase will be the slow process of getting all the body work done and eventually landing the vehicle in the paint booth to get shot with a new coat of paint.


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