Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Birthday Present For Me?

On the 22nd, I'll be turning 31 years old.  That's pretty much over the hill.  So, to celebrate my midlife crisis, I think I'm going to buy the rig you see on the left.  It's a chest rig manufactured by Tactical Assault Gear (TAG).  They call it the Marine Gladiator Chest Rig.  As you can see, it holds AR15 magazines; a lot of them.  The Ranger Green rig you see here is holding six of them.  That's 180 rounds of ammo around my waist!  That's a lot of firepower.  It takes home defense to a whole new level.

You can also see that it has MOLLE style loops sewn all over it so that I can add pouches if I want to.  A fold down bib over the magazines allows me to put something there too.  It has loops at the bottom for attaching crap as well.  Basically, this rig is built to keep me shooting without having to go back to the safe or the truck every time I need a new magazine.  The thick shoulder pads ought to help out in the weight distribution of the rig.

Another cool thing about this rig is that it also has an integrated hydration system, as shown in the image below.  Water is as essential to survival as anything else, and having 2-3 liters on your back should help distribute the load better by offsetting some of the weight of the magazines.  Of course, you can always add more pouches there if you want to.

The thing I like about this chest rig is that it is only a chest rig - not a full on plate carrier or vest.  Being that this rig is large, it can fit over everything from my snow parka to my Buddha belly down below.  TAG advertises the versatility of this rig being able to fit over body armor and such, while still maintaining a good tactical load out.  Okay, well that's fine.  I like it because I won't be tempted to OVERLOAD it with stuff like extra pouches full of unnecessary crap.  Just give me some AR magazines, a pistol, some pistol mags, and a good knife, and I'm set.  That's all I really need this for.  If the shit hits the fan, I want to grab this and go.  I don't want to be wasting time trying to figure out how to store magazines in a Jansport backpack or in the cargo pockets of my khakis.  No!  I want it all close to my torso because cargo pockets suck for storing stuff and my torso moves around the least when I'm walking, running, or moving around. 

Now, this rig is a bit pricey.  Coming in at a shade under $150 on Amazon.com and Opticsplanet.com, it's no small investment.  But in reality, a good modular vest will cost anywhere between $80-$120, and that's for a cheaper one.  Then you have to add pouches to it, and that costs more money right there.  Heck, a shingle that holds only 3 AR 15 magazines can run you $30-$40 by itself.  And to get the six magazines that the rig above carries, you'd have to buy two of them.  And then add them to your $100 vest.  That's $160-$180, and you don't even have the hydration pouch yet!  So, this rig is a good deal in the long run, and will suite my pseudo tactical needs perfectly.  I'm not looking for style points.  I'm looking for something that works.  TAG has received nothing but good reviews from people who actually make a living wearing this stuff and shooting bad guys - not some dumbass airsoft kid blogging from his mommy's basement somewhere in suburbia.

Anyhow, we'll see if I can get this puppy.  It really looks like a good deal.  Here is a video of this chest rig in action during a run and gun situation.  Enjoy!


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