Friday, September 16, 2011

Blackhawk Rapid Adjust Two-Point Rifle Sling

I have spent the better part of a year trying to find a sling that would meet my needs for the AR15.  There are a lot of sling options out there, ranging in price and complexity.  What I wanted was a no-frills, easy to use, and relatively inexpensive sling for my weapon. 

I have used, and still have a good single point sling for my AR, and it has its place in my kit, but for general use, I don't like having my weapon dangle as freely as a single point option does.  I know the advantages a single point sling gives you, especially for reactive side shoulder firing and ease of maneuverability, but I'm not always in combat, and don't always have a need for those so-called "advantages." 

What I found at the local store is the Blackhawk Rapid Adjust Two-Point sling.  It's not just for the AR15, though that is a popular weapon for it.  The design of this sling means it could be used on any rifle or shotgun I own.  However, I wasn't shopping for any weapon I have - I was shopping for the AR.  This sling went on fairly easy.  There are no instructions that come with the sling, but the loops are straightforward.  After a little fitting, I was able to get it mounted how I wanted it and sliced the tails off and melted the ends so it would not fray. 

Wanting to utilize the quick detachment point on the Daniel Defense Omega Rail, I ran the front of the sling through a QD swivel and attached it to the fore end.  I like it here because the sling doesn't interfere with the grip or flashlight mount locations.  Plus, it allows the sling to have similar handling characteristics of a single point, while offering shooting stability that you get from a 2-pt sling.  When I drop the weapon from my hands, the rifle rests at an angle right across my torso in an ideal position.  For carrying and whatnot, the webbing on the sling is wider to help hold the load.  Even though I maintain a strong hold on my weapon when holding it, I still like having that extra width on the strap.

The part about this sling that I really like is the rapid adjust mechanism.  The picture of this is below:

Tug on the little draw cord, and the sling tightens up to help stabilize you for long range shooting.  Pull on the metal tab, and the sling extends for carry or to get around gear or to dismount.  It's a very easy system to use, and I found it coming in handy quite a bit.  However, it seems to me that as soon as I found my sweet spot, I stopped messing with the adjustment and kept on shooting.  The sling is very fast to use and is ergonomic.  About the only thing I need to change is how it mounts to the butt stock.  I plan on getting a QD attachment clamp so that the rear of the sling can quickly detach without losing final adjustment.  So, if I do want to use a single point for whatever reason, it's not a PITA to accomplish.  Overall, the quality is nice, the price is unbeatable (about $30) and the ease of installation seals the deal for me.


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  1. I have a model stag 15 Calibur 5 5 6 millimeter AR 15 Blackhawks record a jest 2 point sling whatever I do I just cannot get it on there I have all the links for it I've even looked online and I cannot find one even close anybody out there to help me