Monday, September 5, 2011

Father/Son Berettas

My father, a devout wheelgun fanatic, called me up the other day, and asked me to accompany him to his favorite LGS, where he seems to know the owner quite well. So, me, sitting around the house all alone, watching reruns of Star Trek, and playing with guns, said, "Sure, why not?" I figured Dad wanted to either browse or buy yet another Ruger wheelgun to add to his ever growing collection of Ruger selection - and since I still have revolvers in my blood, I was very interested.

Nope! Not today, says Dad. Today, I am buying the "Mel Gibson Gun." Yeah, he said just that. Lately, he seems to be obsessed with "The Mel Gibson Gun," and has no shortage of opportunities to drop a quote from the movie "Lethal Weapon," where Danny Glover says, "9mm Beretta... holds 15 in the mag, one in the pipe... wide ejection port... no feed jams." Yep, that's Dad alright.

So, we walked into the store, and he zeroes in on the Beretta section of the counter, and as I began oogling a German made Sig P226, Dad says, "Look at this son - which should I get? The black one or the stainless one?" Oh, decisions, decisions! Of course, I told him to buy the black one; I already have a stainless one, and a black one would be a nice addition to my... err, his collection. Italian made gun too. Imagine that!

Of course, my birthday is coming up in three weeks and I dropped a hint about the Sig Sauer... more like said, "This is the gun you ought to buy me for my birthday." Well, that was good for a laugh. Either way, next thing I know, Dad is filling out the dreaded forms and dropping hundies (that's 100 dollar bills in James speak) like he is the super middle aged white pimp from around the way. Now, of course, you know what happens next.

Yesterday, we packed up a few of my guns, and a few of his guns, and made sure not to forget his newly acquired semi auto. Most of the guns... in fact all of the guns that Dad brought were as yet unfired by him. I've certainly never shot any of them before, but was anxious to. It was like Christmas at the range! We had all these guns that niether of us had shot before. I also brought my Remington 870, but that is a story for another entry (stay tuned). We also shot a few others that I will write about as well. But for the purposes of this entry, we shall remain on track (as if) and talk only about Dad's Beretta 92FS.

What a pistol this thing is! Of course, it didn't surprise me at all that this weapon handles and functions like a dream. I set up a makeshift target stand and taped a shoot n see target to it. After a few shakedown magazines worth of ammo (for Dad to get acquainted with it), we shot for combat accuracy at a distance of 7 yards. Dad was tickled pink with his new toy. I even have him on film stating that he prefers his new Beretta over his beloved revolvers.

Now, you have to understand something here. Dad is a wheelgun man to the core. His first duty weapon was a revolver, and was only issued a semi automatic toward the end of his police career. He didn't have enough time to really fall in love with the semi auto as I have. I've been shooting them for over 10 years now, so I know all the benefits of them. But I was able to relive the joy of falling in love with the Beretta all over again vicariously through my dad.

Now here's a man who knows his shit when it comes to guns. No, he hasn't been out shooting in a long while, but that doesn't mean he's lost his touch, Even with a eye recovering from cataract surgery he had some years back (this is what really took him out of the game), he was able to put rounds down on the paper where he wanted them. The factory 3-dot sights on his 92FS really helped out in that department.

Neither of us has exceptional eyesight. In fact, without glasses, both of us might as well be shooting with our eyes closed. But Dad could tell that I've been practicing. My groups were pretty good and all would be kill shots. Dad quickly got up to speed on his new gun and closed the groups right up, catching up with me and proving that the old man still has it in him. Impressive!

This experience has prompted me to put an entry together to talk about the Beretta 92FS. I know it has been discussed a million times before ad naseum. but a good gun is still a good gun, and despite the fact that there are lighter, slimmer, and just as reliable guns out there, the Beretta 92FS still commands the respect that other guns only ask for.


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