Thursday, September 8, 2011

How's It Shoot?

In the video above, I'm test firing the Ruger SP101 after installing the Hogue Monogrip in place of the stock grip. So, how's it shoot?

To put it bluntly, with full house loads, it's still a stout snub nose revolver. However, with the larger and thicker Hogue grip, the "magnum sting" is all but gone. The extra material beneath the trigger guard made for a very comfortable grip, and the extra rubber on the back strap was nice to have. I certainly enjoyed shooting it a lot more with the larger grip installed.

Accuracywise, this grip made a lot of difference. I was able to get good purchase, so I was able to focus on squeezing the trigger and keeping the gun on target. At 7 yards, I averaged 2-3" groupings with double action slowfire. Not too bad for a gun with a gutter for rear sights.


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