Friday, September 16, 2011

It'll Be a Cold Day in Hell Before I Shoot a Glock!!!

The title of this entry is appropriate for the occasion. Yesterday, I was out at the pit with some coworkers and among all the hardware available, most of which I've shot examples of before, the only other person to bring a semi-auto pistol was my good buddy and coworker Max. He brought his brick... err, Glock 19 with him.

Now, I told a guy at a gunshop before that "It'll be a cold day in hell before I shoot a Glock," as I was looking for a concealed carry option. This, of course, was at the time I was shopping around and berating the Ruger SR9 for it's fugliness as a gun.

I've shot Glocks before, and all notorious reliability aside, I just don't fancy a Glock. The grip is blocky, the ergonomics are weird, the gun doesn't point naturally for me, and the slide looks like a piece of C-channel steel that was fabricated by some Vietnamese kid. Plus, the weird serrations on the trigger don't help much. No, I much prefer the ergonomics and handling of the Ruger SR9 over the Glock any day.

This is partially the reason why I decided to run some rounds downrange with the Glock 19 in the video. Yes, I give Max a hard time about his Glock, but he takes it in stride; it was a free gun anyway. Hey, I wouldn't turn my nose up at a free Glock. I think they all should be free. But there's no way I would pay good money for a Glock either. With all the excellent choices in firearms out there (Sig, Smith and Wesson, Springfield, Ruger, Beretta, Para Ordnance, Colt, Kimber, etc) why on earth would someone buy a Glock? Unlike all the other guns listed, Glocks have no soul. It's like buying a Honda Accord because it has a reliable engine and gets good mileage. It's a sensible car. So what? The Glock seems sensible too, but no one is going to be impressed by a Glock. When I open my hard case and reveal a Beretta M9A1 with a TLR light installed, the most common reaction from people is "Holy shit! That is bad ass!" And the Beretta is a heavy, chunky gun that isn't as practical as the Glock, but who cares? Nobody will tell you that your Honda Accord is cool. You will only confirm what they already know - that you are a boring middle aged white guy. And nobody likes middle aged white guys. And when I'm talking about white guys, I really mean white bread. Now, show up in something cool, like a Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro, or Dodge Challenger, and people will turn heads. Hell, even with anyone of the aforementioned way-cool cars in stock condition, people will say it's bad ass. Why? Because it is!

But Glocks aren't bad ass. They are just dull, unexciting guns that don't get my heart rate up when I shoot them. Now, I guess if you're one of those "I don't care what anybody else thinks" kind of guys, then more power to you. You're still white bread. But the whole point isn't to impress anyone else, now is it? I live to impress myself, and if buying a Dodge Viper impresses me, then hot damn. And I'd have to ask, if a Glock impresses you, then why are you still living under a rock? You have the Springfield XD, the S&W M&P, the Ruger SR series, and that's just plastic guns - and all better than Glocks, in my humble opinion.

Ah, but that's just it. It's all about opinion and perspective. For me, Glocks just don't do it. They don't. I can't stand them. In my house full of guns, not a single Glock has found refuge. That doesn't mean I think they are bad guns. I just prefer something that doesn't handle and look like a kid put a bunch of lego blocks together and painted them black.

BTW, my buddy liked the Ruger SR9 better than the Glock. Yet another believer!


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  1. Ruger has a history of blowing barrels off right down the range. The bolts look like they have been through a meat grinder. "Polishing" is a laugh. I carry to protect myself and my family. G19. Thousands of rounds. NOT 1 JAM. If I want to drive to Florida for a vacation, I'll take the ugly reliable honda that's capable of getting me there, instead of a pretty car that leaves me stranded at the side of the road. That being said: Fn, Springfield Arms, and sig make very good firearms and are "pretty" if doubling cost doesn't bother the buyer.