Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Stock Has Got To Go!

I wanted to throw some rounds downrange from my Remington 870, with the newly installed Mesa Tactical shell carrier. My goal was to shoot at least 50 rounds of buckshot that day, but after just a couple magazines worth, I lost interest quickly. I am not happy with the buttstock that comes on this gun. It is a horrible stock.

The grip area is too thin and has nothing to get traction. As a result, my hand moved around when firing; this was a big problem with rapid fire. The rubber "pad" on the end is a pad in the academic sense. It is rubber and if you push on it hard enough, it will give a little. But that's about it. The transfer of force into my shoulder was very harsh, especially with a magnum slug.

I also am not impressed with the fore end. It too is very slippery and it was difficult to get the gun fully racked without my hands moving all over the place.

Needless to say, these things have to go. The next time this gun is out, it will be dressed in new furniture. Hopefully, I'll be able to shoot enough rounds downrange that I'll be able to make full use of the Mesa Tactical shell carrier, which seemed to work great with the few rounds I loaded from it.


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