Thursday, October 27, 2011

Two New Items on the Testing Bench

I'm knee deep in the torture testing phase of my Streamlight Scorpion X.  I'll post all my findings in another entry, but my initial reason for buying the light was to use as a weapon light for my AR15.  At $50, it seems to beat an expensive Surefire any day, but the verdict is still out on whether or not it will stand up to the abuse of being mounted on a bullet hose like an AR15.

Well in order to do this, I needed to buy a weapon light mount.  I considered all my options, and since this is preliminary testing of this light, I didn't want to spend upwards of $100 on a light mount.  I'm not taking the gun to combat - I'm simply testing the light.  What chassis is used to fix the light to the gun is not important at this point.  However...

Viking Tactics produce a quality piece of gear here, and at $30 shipped, it's a good price.  Initially speaking, the mount is very stout, especially being that it is plastic.  I know a lot of guys out there will give me shit for buying a plastic mount instead of metal, and they'll toss out all kinds of cliches and stuff like "You pay more for a reason" and "if you want to trust your life with it, you'd better buy something of higher quality like [insert expensive brand name mount here]!"

The fact of the matter is that it doesn't matter how much an item costs.  What matters is: does it work?  If it works well, then who cares if it didn't cost a ton of money, or have Daniel Defense or Troy or whoever's name etched on the side?  The bad guy sure won't know, nor do I think he will care once I "light him up," if ya know what I mean.  Besides, if plastic is a deal breaker for you, then you'd better consider selling your AR15 all together.  Last time I checked, the stock, grip, PMAG's, and even some people's BUIS are plastic.

I didn't buy the light mount with any intention of trusting my life with it.  It's just a vehicle to test various flash lights to see what one I want to run.  However, since I'm testing lights with this mount, I might as well evaluate this mount.

One thing I can say about the VTAC mount is I really like how close it keeps the flashlight body to the weapon.  It doesn't stick out a mile.  It looks really slick.  You'll have to pardon the use of tape to shim the flashlight.  Viking Tactics includes a shim that allows you to switch from 1" diameter flashlight bodies to .80" but the Scorpion's body is .90" in diameter.  Go figure.

Stay tuned.


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