Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our New Puppy

Well, say hello to the newest member of our family.  This little guy is a 10 week old American Akita male.  He has beautiful coloration and he's very sweet.  He's already taken a big liking to the women of the house, especially my 2 year old daughter.

I swear, this dog is about the most chilled out puppy I have ever seen.  He's also very patient with the kids.  Even though he's only been home but a couple hours, he played with my son and daughter and whimpered a little when they had to go to bed.  He's a little cautious around me still, but that's okay.  I'm a really big and tall dude compared to all the other shorties in the house.  Besides, I'm the alpha.  As long as he understands that, no problemo!

We've been considering a dog for about a year now.  We wanted something that would be a good guard dog, but not be a constant barking SOB to piss off all our neighbors.  We also wanted something that would be good to grow up around our kids.  Lastly, I wanted a 4 legged companion for hiking around in the woods and for camping.  I think this dog will be perfect for us.

Unlike the Japanese Akita, the American variety is a larger boned, more muscular dog.  I met this pooch's father and mother, and they were both big dogs.  The dad, standing on the hind legs, is easily as tall as I am, and I'm 6'2".  They are sturdy dogs with deep bellowed barks and growls that seem to make the room rumble.  But as soon as they realized we were okay, they were sweethearts.  The dad was still a bit aloof to me, but I had only seen him for a few minutes.  The big dogs were very gentle toward our kids.

We chose this puppy because he was the most calm of the bunch.  He was also the most beautiful, in my opinion.  The others were almost irresistible as well, but this one's sort of auburn brown coat with the silver double made him too good to pass up.  It was tough though.  The breeder had some beautiful black ones and some others with cow spots and boots on their front paws.

Now, we just have to decide on a cool name for the little guy.  Until then, I'll just call him "dog."


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