Sunday, January 1, 2012


After a couple of days, we finally decided on a name for our new puppy.  We have named him Kobun.  It means "soldier" in Japanese.  I have to admit, I was inspired because I own a couple of Cold Steel Kobun knives.  They are neat.  This dog is part family, part guard dog, and part bundles and bundles of energy.

You may notice the leash.  We are potty training him right now, and until his crate arrives, we are tether training him.  He went from having 3 accidents on the first day to having only one since we employed this method.  After his crate arrives, he will be crate trained until he learns that he goes "potty" outside.  Once he is potty trained, he will be able to roam the house freely.  Until then, training continues.  Just so there is no doubt, we don't just leave him alone.  He has plenty of chewy toys to play with, his food (which we portion in normal intervals), his water, and we take turns keeping him company.  He is loved.

We are heading out today to get him his shots.  We hope to talk to the vet a little about some questions and concerns that my wife has, and talk about neutering.  Then Wednesday starts obedience training.  We aren't wasting any time with this dog.  All our research has led my wife and me to the conclusion that Kobun will require a lot of training and discipline if we want him to be a well-behaved dog when he grows up.  The good thing is that Akitas are smart dogs.  The breeder that we adopted him from said just 20 minutes a day is all that is really needed to reinforce the training.

We've also concluded that there is no way in hell this dog will be allowed "off leash" when we go out because of their aloof and sometimes aggressive behavior toward strangers and other dogs.  Besides, I don't need a 125 lb horse of a dog roaming freely without me being there to control him anyway.

My wife has already established her dominance over this dog.  He obeys her every command very well, and he has already learned to sit still and shake hands through positive reinforcement.  Currently, we are using a bell to teach him to let us know when he needs to go out and "potty."

We expect this first year with our dog to be a fun and demanding time, but it's just the sort of thing we need. We've developed a lot of patience from dealing with our son, who can be very crazy at times.  Plus, our daughter is turning 2 years old this month, and she's a wild one in her own right.  The nice thing about the dog is that he has taken to our kids and adores them.  He doesn't show aggression to them in any fashion; he probably thinks they are puppies too.  The dog seems to calm our kids down considerably.  Gotta love that.

We also plan on extending the existing kennel on our property and fence in the rest of the yard.  A dog run will help him to stay in the yard and protect him from passing cars and protect people who don't know about this breed of canine.

That said, I'm excited to start the new year.


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