Thursday, January 12, 2012

Beretta; a tale of two pistols

Left to Right: Beretta M9A1 and 92FS
Well, I figured it's been awhile since I ranted and raved about my Beretta pistols.  If only I had more money; I'd buy a lot more of them.  You've seen the M9A1 (on the left) here before, but I don't think I've posted a picture of my stainless 92FS.

My love-affair with Beretta pistols (specifically, the 92FS platform) started back in late 2001.  After getting my new CPL in the mail (30 days after my birthday), I drove down to my favorite gun shop with my cash in hand.  In the months leading up to my 21st birthday, I had taken many opportunities to handles a lot of different pistols.  I spent some range time with various guns as well.  My favorite handling was the 92FS.  The controls are well thought out on this pistol and my long fingers had no problem with the fat grip.  I liked the mean lines of the gun and it's outstanding reputation in the military helped a lot.  Back in those days, when men were men and weren't whining about carrying around 33 ounces of blued steel, a lot of cops were rocking the 92FS.  Anyone that trained on this platform could easily manipulate, operate, and handle this weapon with ease.  The nominal recoil of the 9mm round was further attenuated due to the sheer weight of this pistol.  Fast, accurate followup shots are no problem with this beast.  I digress, however.  After looking at the Sigs, the 1911's, the Glocks, and many other offerings, I made my decision.  The stainless Beretta 92FS got the nod.  She came home with me that evening and has been my ever vigilant protector since.

I have dumped thousands of rounds out of this gun.  After the first year, I decided to embark on a yearlong torture test and fire 5,000 rounds through it with nothing more than a simple wipe down of the exterior.  The pistol got dirty, filthy, and loaded with carbon.  But in 5,000 rounds, I experienced ZERO failures with it.  Every single round that I put in the magazines fed through this monster with hell-and-back reliability.  Some days, my friends and I would perform mag dump after mag dump, pushing this pistol as hard as we could.  It got carried, soaking wet, dry as a bone, and even after all the abuse, it still worked flawlessly.  On a cold morning, January 1, 2003, I cleaned it for the first time in over 365 days.  Aside from the grip area showing some character from many hands gripping it, the gun looked brand new inside and out.  After just 30 minutes of giving it a good scrubbing with Hoppe's #9, you'd never be able to tell she had so many rounds shot through her without so much as a cleaning or lubrication.

As you've read in my many entries, I have started to carry plastic guns for my normal days.  With the purchase of the equally fine, and solid ready to rock M9A1, I've since retired ole reliable, and she enjoys a much needed pampered life, lubed up with Eezox and napping in the safe.  Occasionally, she comes out to play, but I've come to respect this gun too much to abuse it like I did that 2002-2003 year of hell.  Back then, I treated her like a whore; dumped a ton of different ammo out the barrel.  Now, she gets treated like a  queen.  I only shoot the best 9mm I can buy through her and clean her after every range trip.

It's another gun's turn to be the whipping boy.


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  1. Poetry. Sheer poetry. I just discovered you blog tonight. I enjoy reading about you Beretta 92FS fixation. I just started shooting this year. I walked into my LGS a while ago and saw it -- a 92 in stainless steel. Talk about love at first sight! My problem is that it's outside of my budget. I have a Px4 Storm Compact that I dearly love, but it pales next to the 92FS INOX. I want it really bad. So I get to live vicariously through you. Thanks.