Sunday, January 22, 2012

Magpul SGA Stock and MOE Forend for Remington 870

Last year, when I bought my Remington 870 shotgun, I knew I was going to need a new stock for it.  The problem was that all the major players wanted a ton of money for it.  Recently, I rediscovered Hogue's over molded offering for the 870 at a good price point, but am still waiting to see what else becomes available.  If I may digress, I have the Hogue stock on my Winchester 1300 defender, and I love it.  Scheduled for release in the spring of 2012 is the Magpul SGA stock for the Remington 870.  This is their answer to the shotgun stock dilemma that faces Remington owners.  With this stock, you can opt for length of pull adjustments as well as cheek weld position.  Anyone running a high mounted optic will appreciate that.  I'm  pretty much dead set on irons for my 870, so the standard height may work well for me.  To adjust the height, you need to buy the optional cheek riser kit, as shown here: Cheek Riser

At first, I thought it was a pretty goofy looking stock, but after getting a good look online, I'm digging it.  There are some cool features that I think are big hits for Magpul.  For instance, the sling mount on either side of the stock is a nice touch, as is the extra bit of polymer at the base of the grip, which will help with holding and firing the weapon in a high stress environment.  Magpul claims to have a good recoil reducing butt pad.  With a MSRP of $110, it's not exactly inexpensive, but it's not out of this world either.  In my opinion, with the extra bonus features of the stock, it's good value.

Magpul has also answered a very expensive question with an economical solution.  To be released around the same time as the SGA Stock is the MOE forend.  With a MSRP of just $30, you now have the modularity you've always wanted without paying an arm and a leg for it.  What sort of modularity?  Well, it seems the only options we've had thus far are to hack something together, use clamps that never hold, or buy the Surefire grips with integrated weapon lights for $350+.  I don't know about you, but I don't have the resources to spend that much money just to get a light on my shotgun.  If that's what you like, then more power to you.  I know there are some folks that believe that if it's not a surefire, it's junk.  However, in my experience, that's just not the case.  I've enjoyed a lot of success with Streamlight's offerings, as well as some others out there.  Another digression, I'm considering an Elzetta light for my AR15.

Okay, so how do you get a light on the MOE grip?  There's no rail.  Magpul has integrated slots into the forend so you can add rail sections where needed.  For just a few bones, I can get a bit of rail mounted where it will be useful and add something like a Streamlight TLR-1s, which is the same proven light that I have mounted on my Beretta M9A1.  A TLR-1s can be purchased for under $100, and for home defense purposes, it's more than enough light.  So for under $150, you too can have an effective lighting system for your home defense shotgun.

Magpul always has good ideas, and these latest are fantastic and may just be the answer to my shotgun stock dilemma.  I'm glad I didn't spend the money sooner.


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