Monday, January 2, 2012

Ruger SR22 Pistol

For some strange reason, I check out every other day.  I have no idea why; it's probably an OCD thing.  However, this last week has been kind of hectic around the house, so I haven't been online as much.  Wouldn't ya know it?  I don't check Ruger's website for a few days, and they drop the Ruger SR22.

This pistol is interesting, and I am interested in getting my hands on one to see how it feels.  The gun is a double/single design with an integrated decocker built into the ambidextrous safety.

Sights on this gun are a fully adjustable rear with fixed front.  Interestingly, the rear sight blade is reversable so you can go from a 3-dot sight setup (my preferred choice) to a solid black blade in the rear.  No indication as to whether they are plastic or not, but I'll know when I get my hands on one.

The grip is removable, and Ruger will supply two grips; a regular one and one that is swelled in the back.  Shooters with large hands may appreciate the larger swell on the additional grip.  You just tug it off the frame and put the new one on.  There don't appear to be any pins to push out and replace.  That's pretty user friendly.  I just hope that the grip doesn't slide off with use.

A picatinny rail is built into the polymer frame for attachments of lights, lasers, or pistol bayonets (if that's your fancy).  The rail is a nice option.  I've noticed that flashlights help with recoil control, so a light on a gun with almost no recoil to begin with may make this gun recoil like a BB gun.  Most importantly, for people who can't handle higher recoiling pistols, they now have the option of optimizing this gun for home defense with a light or laser.

The slide is aluminum, which makes it lightweight.  Additionally, it should help the gun function properly because .22lr isn't exactly a hot round.  Rumor has it that this gun is incredibly reliable.  Ruger also says the barrel is "replaceable," which to me means I can buy one at if I needed to.  I won't hold my breath though.

This gun is pretty light.  At 17.5 ounces, it weighs .4 ounces more than a Ruger LC9.  Could the SR22 be an economical training gun for LC9 owners?  You decide.  Overall length is 6.4" long with a 3.5" barrel.  The max width is 1.29", as per

Unfortunately, the SR22 pistol is equipped with a magazine disconnect.  No indication at this time as to whether it can be removed or not.  One advantage the MKIII pistol has over it is that you can get a MKII bushing and remove the MD completely.  Hopefully, the mag disconnect on this gun can be removed as easily as the LC9.

The good news is that this gun does not have a mailbox flag for a loaded chamber indicator.  There is a view port on the side of the barrel lug so you can see the shell and determine if the gun is loaded.  Or you can do a press check.  Either way, there is no need to modify the LCI or get a delete for it, because there is none.

Ruger ships this gun with two magazines and two types of floorplates: one flat, one with a pinky extension.  I imagine they are as easily replaced as the plates on the LCP, LC9, and SR9c.

With an MSRP of $399, this gun is in direct competion with the Walther P22 pistol, which costs about that much on the street.  It also appears as though Ruger is trying to compete with itself because the MSRP of the 22/45 is about $389; interesting.  Ruger claims that this gun is available now.  With all the hype over these guns, and the debacle that ensued in the aftermath of the LC9 roll-out, I'm skeptical as to if I could get this gun right now.  I might have to wait awhile just to look at one.

We'll see.



  1. Picked one up this past Saturday, fun shooter, feels well made (Al slide, not Zn) and feeds anything and everything easy (including the bulk pack stuff). Got lucky though, they had just put them out that morning (2) and I got the 2nd one 45mn later so they are scarce.

  2. I just bought the Ruger SR22 at for $305 (new in the box). Today is January 12th. I'll receive it in 4 days. I'll evaluate my purchase then and report back.

  3. That would be very cool. Good price too!

  4. Got mine for $300+ tax at my LGS. They also got two in and one went in the first 20 minutes and mine later in the day. Shoots great and takes the bulk like it was Premium.

  5. Have we found out if the magazine safety is removable?

  6. I'm not entirely sure. The MD looks removable from the exploded diagram.

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