Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Evil Black Rifle

I was browsing youtube today, and came upon a 5 year old video of a news report on the AR15, or "black rifle," as they said continually.  It was a report on the popularity of this gun and how some groups are "concerned" that it could be a problem in America.  The DC Sniper was talked about briefly, as they showed a representation of the Bushmaster AR used by him, and of course there was some bitch talking about how these are battle rifles and were designed to be used that way.  Already on the verge of wanting to punch the computer screen, the news reporter talked about some of the evil features that opponents of this so-called "assault rifle" has that make it more deadly than, say a Ruger Mini 14 ranch rifle.  I know that this subject has been talked about ad nauseam, but I want to go over some of these evil features and speak to them from my point of view.

I'm going to start from the business end and work my way back, as that is the order in which a bad guy might find himself staring at my rifle.

Flash hider: Some might call it a flash suppressor.  It is designed to lower the visual signature of the weapon as it is firing.  Somehow, a device like this makes the gun more deadly than without.  Opponents of such a device say that it will make it easier to shoot the gun at night or make it so police can't see you shooting, as if the loud report of the weapon wasn't enough to clue them in.  For me, having a flash suppressor isn't about making me invisible to authorities.  It is a training aid.  The bright flash of a weapon can scare new shooters.  When I'm teaching someone how to shoot the rifle, I don't want them to be scared off by a bright muzzle flash.  Lowering the visual signature of the weapon can also make a difference in a home defense situation, where a bright muzzle flash could momentarily blind me.

Vertical Front Grip: This isn't always talked about, as some owners may not opt for this device, but it has a home on the front of my weapon.  Apparently, this is to give me much more control of the weapon than if I didn't have it.  In reality, I simply use it as an index point for my hand.  Not shown in this picture is a flashlight that I have mounted to the weapon.  The VFG is placed so I can simply place my hand in the same spot every time, and helps me manipulate the UI on my flashlight without changing my grip.  For home defense, this is a good thing because instead of fumbling around trying to find my flashlight button, I can quickly tap the button with my thumb and illuminate any potential threats or identify family members.  I call the VFG a safety feature.

High Capacity Magazine: Often mistakenly called a "clip" by those who are complete morons (yes including some gun owners), the 30 round magazine is what I consider a "normal capacity" magazine.  The magazine was designed to hold 30 rounds.  If I was able to cram 31 rounds in there, that would be "high capacity."  The crux of the issue is that opponents feel this gives the shooter the ability to accurately "spray" an area with a lot of bullets without the need to reload.  Well, I will admit they are right about one thing.  The gun can fire 30 rounds without reloading.  But let's not kid ourselves here.  Anyone with half a brain and a little training can reload this weapon fast.  It wouldn't matter if I only had a 10 round magazine.  I could reload it and keep shooting and lay down a significant amount of fire with even that.  Every car manufactured after 1925 has the ability to go over 60 miles per hour.  A lot more people are killed in automobile accidents every year than are killed with guns sporting "high capacity" magazines.  Maybe cars should be governed to go slower.

Semi-automatic Operation: How the AR15's semi-automatic action makes it more deadly than a gun with a wooden stock is beyond me.  In all honesty, if you were an intruder in my house, you'd be faced with a pump action 12 gauge shotgun.

Pistol Grip: Oh, this is the part of the video that prompted my blog entry in the first place!  The reporter said that this part of the gun allows it to be easily fired from the hip.  WHAT?!!!  I highly doubt the DC Sniper fired his gun from the hip!  This weapon was designed to be fired from the shoulder!  Pardon my French, but you stupid fucking anti-gun dip shits have a warped sense of reality!  Nobody fires from the hip unless they want to miss!  This isn't the movies!  Rambo could never have shot so many people shooting from the hip if it was reality!  As for the grip itself, yes it does give the gun some control, and is part of the weapon's interface.  The magazine release is located so that the magazine can be dropped without the shooter changing his grip.  The rest of the weapon is designed so that all other actions can be accomplished without removing your hand from the grip.  But that really doesn't matter.  My AR15 could have a stick for a grip and I could still use it.  I'm just as accurate with my Ruger 10-22, and it has a traditional wood stock.  With a little training, it doesn't matter if your gun has a pistol grip or not.  Any competent shooter knows his weapon.

Adjustable stock: Because the gun is so much more deadly with the stock collapsed.  NOT!  I personally feel comfortable with the stock out two positions.  My wife likes it out one position.  The ability to shorten the stock to make it comfortable for my 5 ft tall wife to shoot makes the gun more valuable to me.  In one minute, I can be shooting at my preferred length, and then hand he gun to my wife, who can instantly make the gun fit her as well.  What's wrong with that?  Nothing.

I'm pretty sure I covered all the major issues, aside from the fact that opponents of the AR15 are opponents of guns in general, and for that I say suck it!  As dog owners say, "hate the deed, not the breed."  Don't punish me for a couple of nut jobs that should have been spotted and locked away to begin with.  Most of the people who commit the kinds of crimes with these guns already had a history of criminal activity and violence.  They could have been spotted and put away long ago, but your government decided that letting them out into civilization was a better plan.

I'm a law-abiding gun owner, who chooses to remain safe in my house, and wherever I can lawfully be.  I choose not to be a victim.  Just remember that when you are working hard at disarming good people like me, you are only helping criminals, and you are making yourself a victim.  Ever stop and think the reason why your house hasn't been broken into is because a burglar might think there is a gun in there?  Or did really think it was because the police would catch him?  Police arrive just in time to draw chalk outlines around the victims of violent crimes and theft.  Ironically, the vast majority of these crimes are committed with cheap guns, knives, and improvised bludgeoning instruments - not the evil assault rifles you are trying to get off the streets.


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