Saturday, February 25, 2012

Kershaw 1555ti CRYO

I'm going to speak to this new knife, by Kershaw, but before I do so, I want to apologize for this low quality picture.  The knife is so new that there are no good pictures of it yet.

This is the Kershaw 1555ti CRYO, and it looks awesome!  It is an all steel knife with a cool looking Titanium carbo-nitride coating all over it.  The black hardware give it a cool look, like it was the brainchild of the Terminator.  The steel on the blade is 8cr13MoV, which is an all around good steel, especially for the price I was able to land on a pre-order.  Kershaw's MSRP is $49, which means the street price will likely be $25-$30.  The knife utilizes the same speedsafe opening mechanism that came on my Needs Work knife.  Being an all steel knife, this one uses a frame to keep the knife from folding in on you when you are working it.  I like the belly on the blade, and it appears to have a hollow grind.  The gimping on the top of the blade is similar to my Needs Work, which is okay, but not great.  Still, I love the overall look of this one and look forward to getting mine in the mail soon.


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