Friday, February 24, 2012

The Mythical Ruger SR45

I was browsing my local gun shop to see if they had a Ruger SR22 pistol I could fondle.  No luck.  We got to talking about Ruger pistols though, and the guy mentioned that a Ruger SR45 was in the works.  I did a little research and have found a lot of forums talking about this, but much of that talk are rumors at best.  Apparently, the CEO of Ruger sent someone on the internetz an email saying they were developing one, but it takes time.  Now, supposedly that email was sent in April of 2011.  It's almost March of 2012, and SHOT 2012 is long over.  With the debut of the SR22 and a few other guns, it seems they may not release the mythical SR45 this year.  But they might.  Ruger likes to mix things up a bit and release guns at odd times during the year.  I just hope they build a ton of them before the debut because I don't want to wait 4 months like I did for my LC9.


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  1. Ruger launches great handguns for people. I was looking for a handgun which I could carry as a concealed weapon, as I got the MA Gun License, but sorry to say this SR45 is little bit bigger. I prefer LC9 to SR45.