Friday, March 23, 2012

A couple weeks before I ordered my .22 trainer, my wife dropped coin on a trainer sized just for her; a Walther P22 in pink!  The irony is that after a very long wait, and then a 7 day waiting period (she has yet to obtain her CPL), she finally took delivery on the gun today.  Now, this pistol is the older WAP22505 version, which has a lawyer lock, and a slightly different look to it.  The newer QAP version has some cosmetic differences in the slide, no lawyer lock, and the frame is different.

I like the older version better.  The lawyer lock doesn't bother me because I just don't use it.  The differences in the slide are inconsequential.  I like them both, but the frame on the newer version is a deal breaker.  I hate the stippling on the grip and I can't stand how they cut the rail on the front.  Do you really need three slots on a rail that small?  C'mon!

Well, we haven't shot this gun as of yet, but I did take it down into the bunker for an inspection and deep cleansing.  These guns are always so filthy from the factory.  The way the barrel stays on the frame is interesting to me.  The guide rod and spring are kind of a PITA to get back on the slide and frame.  It makes me wonder why Walther did that - just to be different?  Well, it's just something to get used to.

After cleaning it up, I function tested it to make sure all the guts are working properly.  The double-action trigger on this is a bit stiff and feels a little rough, but a few thousand rounds of .22 lr should cure that.  The single action pull was crisp with a clean let off and very little overtravel, if any.  Of course, the grip is a bit small for my hands, so my accuracy with it may suffer a bit.

Lindsay, on the other hand, feels this gun was built around her hand.  She has small hands, and they fit around the grip of this pistol like she was wearing tight fitting glove!  It's perfect.  She too prefers this older version over the newer one.  

One of our friends has a newer style.  It's lime green, and boy is it a bright pistol!  Lindsay and I have both had the opportunity to fire it, and it is a nice shooter.  I can't speak to the stippling itself because I was wearing gloves while shooting it, but I'm not a fan of it in general.  Many folks like it and it's the in vogue thing these days, so more power to you if you do.  This is just my opinion.

Overall, I like the way this pistol looks and feels.  For its size, it's a well thought out handgun.  The manual of arms is a little peculiar to me.  I'm not used to the magazine release being integral in the trigger guard.  The irony is that I have a hard time getting my thumb down that far to operate it, so it is easier for me to use my trigger finger on the other side.  I'm just glad the magazine release is ambidextrous.

Lindsay, on the other hand, likes it.  I think, for her, since she is going to be using this gun as a trainer, she ought to seriously consider another Walther for her primary defensive weapon, should she decide to go with something a bit bigger.  The only reason I say it, Walther's legendary quality aside, is because the controls are going to be fairly uniform across the selection of pistols in their lineup.  The Walther PPQ, for instance, has the same magazine release, and is about an inch larger height and length-wise.  But that's a discussion for another day.

I'm just happy there's another pistol in the corral, even if it is pink.


PS: Here's a short video of Lindsay and me test firing the green P22.

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