Thursday, March 8, 2012

Henry Funness

One of my favorite guns in the inventory isn't really all that practical for my style of shooting.  Most of the videos I've posted on youboob are of me shooting one of the many pistols I seem to keep accumulating, or an AR 15 runnin' through a few magazines, shooting stuff like clay pigeons, a manikin head, stuffed animals (yeah, very tactical, LOL), blowing up propane bottles, etc.  Okay, most of it is just goofing off for the camera because it makes decent television.  Most of the shooting I do is practical shooting.  I'm not much of a bench rest shooter or competition shooter.  First and foremost, I shoot because it's good therapy.  Second, 90% of my shooting, these days, is from behind a pistol because I have a concealed pistol license, and I take it seriously.  I'm not the best pistol shooter, but I can drive my gun on target and do pretty well for an average guy with less than ideal eyesight.

However, when it comes down to just plinking, and having fun, I seem to gravitate to my wife's Henry Golden Boy lever action carbine, chambered in 17 HMR.  I love that round.  For me, it's more satisfying than shooting my Ruger 10/22.  The recoil is nothing, but it's a wee bit more than a .22 lr, so it satisfies my need for some recoil impulse.  This Henry has a fast, silky smooth action, a good trigger, and decent enough sights to get me on target at range.  In this video, I'm popping rounds into the same 8x8 inch AR500 steel plate that you saw a few posts back.  At 50 yards, this gun is shooting dead nutz on.  Just hold that front sight right over the target and you can't miss!  Well, okay, I can miss, but not by much.

If you watch to the end, you can see my wife wielding her Ruger 10/22 CRR and clangin' the steel a few times as well.  When it comes to plinking, you can't go wrong with either of these guns!  As trainers, they are indispensable for the cost savings alone (I'll address that in another entry).  They are "must haves" in any collection!


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