Saturday, March 17, 2012

Kobun Part II

This is Kobun, now 21 weeks (5 months) old.  He certainly has grown since we adopted him 3 1/2 months ago.  Kobun has had all his shots and neuter done, passed puppy training with flying colors, and we are in the middle of intermediate dog training.  He's still very much a puppy despite the fact that he now dwarfs the fully grown golden lab next door.  Weighing at about 50 lbs, he's not quite halfway to his full weight.  He's getting there though - fast!  Look at the size of his paws in relation to the rest of his body!  There's a lot more growin' left in this pup.

His ears are now fully upright, giving a very alert look about him.  He's also got a very deep bark, and it's very loud.  He sounds a lot bigger than he is!  Thankfully, he doesn't do it often.  Most of the time, when the mailman or UPS guy comes, he stands at the front door and bellows out these deep "WOOF" sounds, as if to say "back off!"

In the picture above, you can clearly see the Top Paw training harness that we bought for him.  This has helped out immensely.  This dog has very powerful legs and he has large bones, so he's a strong animal.  He could pull my shoulder out of my socket if I wasn't paying attention.  Now, he doesn't pull much at all, and he does a good job walking right at my side.  I'm looking forward to using this harness for our hikes together; Kobun still isn't ready for prime time yet.  Being as he's still a puppy, he doesn't yet have the stamina to take on longer trails.  When he's fully grown, he will be more than capable, and he will also carry his own food and water with him in a doggy backpack.

Kobun's breed is a working dog.  The American Akita was bred to assist hunters and their large feet make them good snow dogs.  Since the dog requires exercise to maintain his health, giving him a job to do helps him in this respect.  It also staves off boredom.  We've seen what happens when Kobun gets bored.  He just walks away and sits in the corner.  Plus, giving him some weight to carry will help offset the fact that the American Akita is, by nature, a sedentary dog.  If left alone, he will simply lay down and sleep all day until you return to see him.

Anyway, that's the long and short of Kobun's update.  He's fully integrated into our family and has become a wonderful companion.  He loves our kids and our kids love him back.  He is protective of Lindsay, and loves to play with me.  Here's to many more years of fun and love from this "little" puppy.


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  1. Kobun is awesome, and growing up to look like one Bas Ass dog. Pretty cool.