Friday, April 20, 2012

Aimpoint Comp ML3 Added

A couple weeks ago, I had posted a picture of my SR-556 on a local classified/gun forum to show it off.  Somebody posted a comment saying that this rifle was screaming for a Trijicon.  Well, he was close, but I opted for an Aimpoint Comp ML3  instead.  For a mount, I went with a LaRue Tactical LT150 lever mount.  I know, big deal, right?  Everybody has this setup on their rifles.  I agree, and for good reason. This combination is battle proven.  If it is good enough for soldiers fighting it out in shit holes around the world, then it is good enough for my application, which is primarily home defense.  Since I probably won't ever encounter the horrors of the modern battlefield, this expensive, albeit worthwhile setup will probably outlast the gun it is mounted on.  It will certainly outlast me.  I now understand why people spend a ton of money to put these items on top of their rifles.

Now, I went with a 2MOA red dot because I was afraid that the 4MOA dot might look too large for longer distance shooting.  What I mean by "MOA" is "minute of angle."  Minute of angle is the width, or distance, of something at a given distance.  If you are standing 100 yards away from me, a 2MOA red dot will appear 2 inches in diameter against your body.  A 4MOA red dot would appear to be 4 inches in diameter at the same distance.  This is not to say that shots at 100 yards, or more, aren't possible with a 4MOA dot.  In fact, my research turned up interesting information to the contrary.  Shooters with 4MOA dots learn to use the bottom, or top of the dot to make precision shots, much like a shotgunner would use when bead sighting.  It's not a hard concept to learn.  The thing about the 2MOA optic vs the 4MOA is that if I want a 4MOA dot against my target, I can simply turn up the brightness until the dot blooms, and back it off one click.  It really works.  I tried it out.  The advantage then is that if I want it to be a 2MOA dot, I simply turn the brightness down.  A 4MOA dot is a 4MOA dot and can't become a 2MOA dot even if it wanted to.  How many times did I spell out MOA?  As for the rest of this optic, there's a wealth of information, videos, technical data, anecdotal stories, etc, so I'm not going to dwell on the specifics of the optic itself.  If you want more specs, check out the links above.

The throw lever on the LaRue mount makes it easy to remove the optic for whatever reason and still retain zero when I reinstall it, provided I put it back in the same spot.  I mounted mine up forward so that the front of the mount is sitting on the hand guard.  The two slots in the mount are indexed in the furthest forward slots on the receiver itself.  This gets the optic out as far forward as I want it to go without hanging way over the hand guard.  I don't intend to run magnified with this optic, so no need for a cantilever mount, although I considered it.  I like this mount.  It sits up there solid as a rock.  The retention can even be adjusted with a little wrench that LaRue sends with the mount.  The four ring screws are torx head and LaRue sends a small allen wrench as well.  What I like is that instead of cutting threads in the mounting rings out of the aluminum housing, LaRue has steel inserts that you thread the screws into.  That's a huge plus because it is so easy to strip aluminum with a steel screw.

For the pictures, I left the dust cover off because I think it looks better without it.  However, since I do live in one of the rainiest areas of the country, I put it on for an extra measure of protection.  It seems silly though because the Comp ML3 is said to be completely waterproof.

Additionally, the mount sits at the right height for a 1/3 cowitness of the iron sights through the ML3 optic.  In fact, since the SR-556 sights are mechanically zeroed at this point, and the aimpoint is mechanically zeroed as well, the red dot sits just above the front sight post, albeit it a click off to the right.  Tomorrow, I'm going to go get this fantastic gun sighted in.  There will probably be a video of sorts to accompany my range report.  Until that time, peace out!


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  1. Perfectly described and I like this very much. The Aimpoint CompM3 desiged with a replaceable outer black rubber cover, which helps to protects from scratching and adds an additional stealth factor.