Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Utah Gun Law Fourth Edition

I don't live in Utah, but I travel there once or twice a year to visit my wife's side of the family.  Since my WA State CPL has full reciprocity with Utah's CWP, I can legally carry a concealed firearm in that state.  That being said, however, it is the responsibility of every gun owner to know the laws of the land, especially if he or she decides to take their concealed handgun across state lines.

This book, Utah Gun Law Fourth Edition, by Mitch Vilos and Evan Vilos, is a great, no nonsense approach to understanding the firearms laws in the state of Utah.  In this book, the authors use "plain talk" summaries to explain the laws in a manner that the average Joe can understand.  As we all know, laws are often written in a form of legalise that only an attorney or a court can interperet.  Well, since the author is an attorney who specializes in personal injury and firearms cases, who better to explain the laws than he?

The book is also full of humorous anectdotes as well as examples of case law that I found helpful in understanding ambiguous gun laws.  The authors go through the laws in chapters relevant to the subject at hand, such as hunting, where it is legal, and not legal to carry a handgun, definitions, and of course, penalties.

Did you know it is legal for a concealed weapons permit holder, in the state of UT, to carry their concealed gun into a public school?  I didn't either, but it's a dang good idea.  Of all the schools in the country that experience massacres at the hands of disturbed kids, UT is not one of them, and that's because instead of doing the insane, which is trying the same thing and expecting different results, UT took the approach of allowing teachers and parents to pack heat in schools, and guess what... you guessed it.  No school shootings of any kind for the State of UT. 

Anyway, that's just a small example of some of the great information contained in the book.  It's over 300 pages long, but it is an easy read, and most importantly, it's not a dry read.  It is very understandable, comprehensive, and gives you a lot of insight into the laws pertaining to firearms in that state.

I also enjoy the fact that the author and I have very parallel ideas when it comes to self defense, concealed carry and firearms in general.  It made reading the book very enjoyable.  If you're going to travel to the state of UT, it might not be a bad idea to pick this up and spend a few days reading it.  I ordered mine through, and I'm glad I did.


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