Saturday, April 14, 2012

What Works For You - That's Important

Today, I was out making a firearm transaction happen, and I got to talking with the guy I was dealing with about forum elitism and how one brand of gun can be held in such high esteem in some places while another can lead the owner to ridicule.

One of the reasons I stopped going to a lot of firearm forums, and forums of any kind, truth be told, is the nonsense spewed by armchair elitists and keyboard commandos that are really reaching when it comes to their "tactical" experience or regarding their opinions of other firearms makers that don't jive with what they have in their mom's basement.  Now, I still go to some of the more popular forums, but 99% of the time, I'm lurking. I use my blog as a medium to express my ideas for the most part; not that I'm afraid of rebuttal, but because oftentimes that rebuttal is nothing more than drivel.  I enjoy a good debate, but with most internet debates, a good exchange of ideas generally turns into a quagmire of bullshit that one must sift through with a fine toothed comb in order to glean anything of value from it.  The unfortunate thing is that some of these keyboard commandos are very convincing.  Of course, it's easy to be convincing when you have Google at your fingertips.

Of course, there is always the oftentimes overreaching forum administrator authority that typically deletes threads, posts, and edits out parts of comments that don't jive with the group think on their particular forum.  I don't have time for that BS.

One subject I brought up was the fact that there seem to be two types of internet elitists out there: the true elitist snob who will only buy what he perceives to be "the best" equipment and guns there are.  This is a guy who either has some experience or has none.  In order to show just how tacticool he really is, he is the one boasting a high dollar rifle or pistol, duracoated in all the cool colors (last year it was two tone tan - now it seems to be foliage green), and looks down through his nose at anything he considers to be below his stature; if there is such a thing on the internet.

Then there is the retarded half brother of the elitist.  This guy parades himself around the internet sporting all the tacticool stuff that may be, or may not be top notch, and he will side with the elitist every time to get into his favor.  He'll be the first to pound his fists and TYPE IN ALL CAPS TO LET YOU KNOW JUST HOW MUCH BETTER HIS JUNK IS THAN YOURS!!!.  Of course, he typically types without punctuation, which is a clear indicator of his true intelligence.  Of course, he knows all the cool brands, and he, with no true experience, will tell you that he'd rather spend "a little more" on his tacticool item because it may just save his life someday.  After all, a nitride coated, cryo-dipped, dimpled barrel on an AR15 is the only barrel that can be used to save your ass in a home invasion.  Don't tell this guy you run a Chromoly barrel on your AR15.  IT'S NOT MIL-SPEC!!!

Now, I have personally been on the receiving end of some of these so-called assaults before.  I went online once and replied to a thread question regarding the Rock River Arms AR15.  I said it was a good rifle and the guy, who was considering it, should buy one, and he wouldn't regret it.  I was immediately inundated by the armchair elitists who told me Rock Rivers are complete junk and that buying one was a sign of bad judgment and on and on.  Of course, when it came down to why the Rock River was garbage, they had nothing of real value to add.  Oh, they did show metallurgical analysis on Mil-Spec barrels, bolt carriers and the like.  But these elitist morons completely missed the point.  The guy asking the question was asking about something he could use to plink with and for home defense.  I would contend that if you need a MIL-SPEC weapon for home defense, you'd better have your head looked at.  I don't plan on shooting a thousand rounds out of my AR15 for home defense anytime soon.  Now, if I was going to Afghanistan, that'd be a different story altogether.  I would take a Colt to Afghanistan because I know I'd be beating the piss out of that poor rifle in some of the worst conditions the planet has to offer.  But here in America, it's not necessary.  Of course, I did grow out of my RRA, and moved into something gear more toward professional use, not because I felt deficient with my commercial grade AR15, but because I wanted to try something different and Ruger satisfied that requirement.  

Personally, I hate Glocks.  I know they are notoriously reliable, sans the Glock 19 I recently shot... and jammed, and I know they are very popular.  However, they just aren't for me.  I like my Berettas and I like my Rugers.  I've taken some heat for both brands in the past.  People get online all the time and say, "trade it for a Springfield XD or a S&W M&P, or get a Glock."  Honestly though, the guns I have I bought because they fit my lifestyle.  I love my SR9c.  It is reliable, durable, easy to maintain, fits my hand well, compliments my shooting style, and it was highly affordable when I bought it.  If Springfield and S&W had comparable weapons at the time, I might have given the nod to one of them, but they were late to the game, and Ruger has been kicking other gun manfucturers in the balls each year ever since they introduced their HARD R line of firearms.  Did they invent the LCP?  No, they clearly copied the Kel Tec P3AT.  I'm not denying it.  But they refined the heck out of it and took a bunch of business away from Kel Tec.  Did they invent the Glock trigger?  Nope, but they manufactured the Ruger SR9, SR9c, SR40, SR40c, and rumor has it a SR45 is going to be released someday, and they made these guns affordable... and kicked Glock square in the balls. Now, will Glock care?  No, Glock has it's hoard of Glock zombie fanatics that will buy a Glock just because it is a Glock.  They will consider nothing that doesn't have Glock written on the side.  Hell, if Glock came out with their own AR15, it would suddenly be the best AR in the world simply because it says Glock 15 on it or some shit.  Actually, I think the Glock model 15 was a blender.  Or was it a toaster?

The point to all of this is that you need to do impartial shopping when you choose to buy your next gun for self defense, plinking, or for tacticool paper punching destruction.  I don't buy into the hype around anything.  I analyze what I'll be using my weapon for and budget accordingly.  Don't buy into a brand just because all the cool kids are doing it.  I can't tell you how many jackasses I run into at the range who buy fancy equipment just because they saw it on and they can't even manipulate it properly.  Why?  Because instead of focusing on reinforcing the fundamentals, they spent all their energy throwing money into a hole.  They got their tacticool toy, posted some pictures for the world to see, and they may shoot 100 rounds a year through it.  Big deal!  I shoot my $400 SR9 all the freaking time.  I've got loads of rounds downrange and out shoot many guys who bring in fancy high dollar guns just because they saw the pros use them in a competition.  I almost always catch them snickering to their buddies about my Rugers.  Then the shooting starts and when I pull my target in, I almost always overhear the same firearm elitist idiots comment on how well I shoot my cheap junk.  And of course, when these idiots shoot terribly, they always blame the gun, the magazines, the ammo they're shooting, and on an on.  They never mention the fact that they are jerking the trigger, not reinforcing the fundamentals, using a teacup grip or any of that stuff.  It disappoints me when I see such high end guns wasted on such lunacy.

Whatever you do, don't get sucked into the chasm of internet armchair elitism that is prevalent on gun forums.  Go there for hard facts and valuable information.  Stay far away from all the minutia and literary excrement that gets smeared on forum walls every single time.

Of course, all this is purely my opinion.  You may think this entry is garbage.  I don't care.  But I'm sure there are plenty who agree with me as well.  So take it or leave it.  YMMV.




  1. Couldn't agree more with your post. I'm not a Glock fanboy, I prefer Ruger (sr9c, lc9, lcr .357 and my little friend the 10/22). I just feel that Ruger offers the best bang for the buck. BTW, like the blog!

  2. A big +1. I don't run with the fanboys. Like you, I'm a Ruger and Beretta kind of guy. Why? Because they do what I want them to do at a price I can afford. Does that make them "the best"? Nope. Or maybe. To tell you the truth, I don't know what "the best is? But I know that these two brands represent the best that I can afford. And I really like shooting them! I'm the proud owner of a Ruger SR9C, LC9, SR22, Beretta Px4 Storm Compact 9mm, and a few other pieces. Among them is a Springfield XD-.40. I don't like it. Blasphemy in some circles, but it's just too much like a Glock and I don't like those either. So why did I buy it? It was my first gun. I wasn't smart enough to buy a Beretta 92FS INOX as my first gun. I wish I was! Instead, I ended up with something that is by any standard a wonderful firearm -- but just isn't right for me.